Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Brithdays, August 16 - 31

16 August    1735    Johan Friedrich WOLF was born in Germany, son of  Johan Jacob & Anna Barbara (Orth) Wolf. He married Maria Elizabeth. They had eight children.  They lived in Pennsylvania.
        1852    Jacob Herman WOLF
        1880    Emma May MILLER

17 August    1917    George Wheeler MORRIS was the son of George A & Mary Louise (Fortenberry) Morris.

18 August    1887    Lucy THORNHILL
        1888    Fleet Eugene SMITH
        1893    Emma E. FORTENBERRY
        1897    Mavis Marie BROWN was born in Mississippi, daughter of Jasper Pascal & Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown. She married Denny Herbert Smith. Children: Nathalee, Fay & Wilma. She was my first cousin once removed.
1915    Alvin Henry Braun

19 August    1920    Roseanne S VOZELLA , daughter of Charles & Lucia Vozella. She married Thomas J Coyle. They had five children.

21 August    1769    John Jacob WOLF
        1883    Thomas Arthur COYLE was born in County Cavan, Ireland, son of Patrick & Margaret (Brady) Coyle. Thomas was a carpenter who became a Merchant Marine during World War II.   He did not marry.
        1923    Oliver Wendell BRUMFIELD
        1928    David Walter FOSS

22 August    1778    Joanna Dillon was born in North Carolina, daughter of Richard & Anne (Lawrence) Dillon. She married Jeremiah Smith in 1798 in South Carolina. They had thirteen children.  She is my double 4th great grandmother. Joanna & Jeremiah appear twice in my forest of family trees.
        1829    Jeremiah WOLF
        1892    Ruth Straley WOLF

23 August    1805    Anna Maria RITTER
        1854    Vilete Permelia FORTENBERRY was born in Mississippi, daughter of Willis James & Louisa B. Fortenberry. She died in 1910.
        1863    Montana RITTER
        1872    William John WOLF
        1882    Ella MARK
        1921    Helen M Lanning WOLF

24 August    1850    Justina WOLF
        1871    Charles H. MILLER was born in Ohio, son of Henry C & Mary Catherine (Ritter) Miller. Children: Ethel & Elmer. Charles died in 1949.

25 August    1891    Rosa Jane OTT was the daughter of William W. & Sarah Euseba (Ellzey) Ott. She was my second cousin twice removed.

26 August    1697    Anna Barbara ORTH
        1884    William Wellington HAWK was born in Ohio, son of William & Elizabeth (Ritter) Hawk.
        1885    Wiley E MCDANIEL
        1897    Jessie Ola HALL

27 August    1937    Robert RODGERS was the son of Tom & Caroline V (Brophy) Rodgers. He married Lynette. Children: Robin & Kitty.

28 August    1800    John Adam WOLF
        1913    Fannie Chelottie BRUMFIELD
        1915    Harold Edward GOOD was born in Ohio, son of Albert E & Elizabeth Lodema (Moore) Good. He married Velma Ellen Hale in 1936. Children: Carol & Lawrence.

29 August    1817    Margaret C BROWN was born in Mississippi, daughter of Moses & Nancy (Perkins) Brown.
        1914    Irma Ruby BLADES

30 August    1856    Julia Ann ALFORD was born in Mississippi, daughter of Edwin Barksdale & Martha P (Smith) Alford.  She was my second great grand aunt.
        1912    Evelyn Devoyx ELLZEY

31 August    1809    Wyatt SMITH
        1833    Saryntha A SMITH
        1848    Violette Eliza FORTENBERRY was born in Mississippi, daughter of Gasua C & Sarah (Brown) Fortenberry. She married James Miles Thornhill. They had five children.  She died in 1917 in Mississippi.
        1917    Ralph Lawrence SPICE

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