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August Brithdays, August 1 - 15

Thomas Jefferson Mark
1 August    1920     Roy Elmer MAURER was born in Ohio, son of Elmer & Pauline (Morrison) Maurer. He married Betty Mae Stimson. Roy died in Ohio in 1997.

2 August    1830    Jeptha Josephus ALFORD, MD was born in MS, son of Edwin Barksdale & Martha P. (Smith) Brown. He married Fanny Roberts. He is buried in  the Silver Springs Baptist Church Cemetery.
        1832    Saloma Anna RITTER
        1878    Henry Chesterfield ARNOLD

3 August    1823    William Harmon ALFORD
1919    Thomas James COYLE was born in Connecticut, son of James Joseph & Madeline (Herbst) Coyle. In 1944 he married Roseanne S. Vozella. They had five children.
        1935    James RODGERS

4 August    1758    Johan Daniel RITTER
        1859    Luke T. FORTENBERRY
        1867    Mary Josephine MULLANE was born in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland, daughter of Daniel & Brigid (English) Mullane. She was my great grandmother. She married Michael Coyle in NYC in 1895. She had seven children. Mary Jo died in 1927.

5 August    1868    Alvira E. BROWN
1892    Bertha FORTENBERRY was the daughter of Howell & Mary Ann (Alford) Fortenberry. She married Grady Henry Ellzey. Children: Wesley, Odean, Carell & Ellen.

6 August    1836    Jonas WOLF was the son of Andrew & Catherine (Dick) Wolf.

7 August    1855    Charlotte Angelina BRUMFIELD
1921    Olgee Sheline BRUMFIELD was the daughter of John Edward & Ada Beatrice (Fortenberry) Brumfield.

8 August    1771    Johannes RITTER Jr.
1846    Martha Elizabeth ALFORD was born in MS, daughter of Edwin Barksdale & Martha P. (Smith) ALFORD. She married Jessie A. Brumfield. They had eight children. She was my 2nd great grandmother.
        1865    Rosa HAHN
        1875    Charles A. WOLF
        1875    Sarah Emma WOLF
        1881    Mona D. MORRISON
        1888    Thomas Clarence WILSON

9 August    1906    Boyce Boo MORRIS was the son of George A. & Mary Louise (Fortenberry) Morris. He married Carrie Lee. They had four children. Boyce died in 1995.

10 August    1840    Thomas Jefferson MARK died in the Civil War. He was born in Ohio, the oldest son of Abraham & Mary Isabella (Heffelfinger) Mark. Thomas was in the 118th Regiment, Company E of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He died 16 January 1863 in Kentucky.
        1871    Martha Ann NEE
        1911    Onice Odwell CUTRER

11 August     1860    Webster FORTENBERRY
1917    Odean ELLZEY was the daughter of Grady Henry & Bertha (Fortenberry) Ellzey. She married James Lemar Simmons.

12 August    1848    Marion MARK served in the Civil War. He was born in Ohio, son of Abraham & Mary Isabella (Heffelfinger) Mark. He married Jennie.
        1857    Canolia A. SIMMONS
        1875    Barney Pipkin ALFORD

13 August    1861    Mary E. BROWN
        1876    Lulu BLADES
        1918    Hanzel Eileen MESSMORE was the daughter of William Henry & Susan Isabel (Ritter) Messmore.

14 August    1738    Appollonia DICK was born at sea, from Germany to America, daughter of Johan Adam & Anna Ottilla (Knack) Dick. She married Johann Jonas Dick. They had ten children all born in Pennsylvania. She was my 5th great grandmother.
        1802    Louisa WOLF
        1823    George WOLF
        1834    John KRICK

15 August    1761    Jacob ALFORD
1834    Seaborn S. ALFORD MD was born in MS, son of Edwin Barksdale & Martha P. (Smith) Alford. He married Anice Ball. Seaborn died in 1906.
        1868    Julius Wesley ALFORD

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