Saturday, October 20, 2012

Surname Saturday – Smith

What could be more difficult in genealogical research than having a common surname like Brown? The name pops up everywhere and I have to check it each time, just in case it is one of my Brown relations. Well, to make it a little more challenging, imagine your Brown family married into the Smith family. I am not kidding. My father’s family has both Browns and Smiths. My 2nd great grandfather, Allen Moses Brown, married Emmaline Smith in 1858. Maybe there is a touch of cosmic humor involved here. At least the names are easy to spell. 

These Smiths could be found in: South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Smiths in my Direct Line:
·         JeremiahSmith, Sr. b 1755. He married Jemimah Hollis; 4 children
·         JeremiahSmith, Jr. 1773 – 1843; married Joanna Dillon; 13 children
o   Two of their children are my direct ancestors.
o   See my blog about my 4th Double Great Grandparents for more information.
·         MarthaP Smith 1802 – 1861; married Edwin Barksdale Alford; 13 children
·         WyattSmith 1809 – 1894; married Euseba Foretnberry; 9 children
·         EmmalineSmith 1831 – 1920; married Allen Moses Brown; 3 children

A few Smith Resources:

·         Adrianne Fortenberry Criminger, THE FORTENBERRY FAMILIES OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI; 1677-1984; South Carolina, Southern Historical Press, Inc, 1984
·    The Jeremiah Smith, Sr. Bible, c. 1800 - 1917, Bible in possession of Mrs. W. C. Uhlman, Rte. 6, Tylertown, Mississippi. Copy given to me by Pat (Brock) Smith.
·         Luke Ward Conerly, SOURCE RECORDS FROM PIKE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI 1798-1910; 1798-1910; South Carolina, Southern Historical Press, 1989
·      Parish, Ray & June Sartin, 'Cemetery Inscriptions Pike County, Mississippi 1750 - 1978'
·         Williams, Jr., Ernest Russ. A Potpourri of Historical Data concerning the Founding Families and Individuals of Washington Parish, Louisiana, 1798 - 1860. Monroe, LA: Northeast Louisiana University, 1990. 976.311
·         Williams, Jr., E. Russ. History of Washington Parish, Louisiana 1798 - 1992. I. 1994. 976.311

Check my website for more Smith details: Our Leaves & Branches.

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