Monday, October 1, 2012

Ancestor Anniversaries, October 1 - 15

1 October 1912        William Paul Coyle [son of Patrick Coyle & Margaret Brady] & Lauretta Niail. They were married in Waterbury, CT. They had a son and a daughter. William was a plumber and later an operator in the motion picture industry.

2 October 1937        Joe P Brown [son of Junius Earl Brown & Ametha] & Norma Rea McDaniel. They were married in Pike County, MS. They had three children.

3 October 1864        William Henry Harrison Wolf [son of John Jonas Wolf & Sarah Ann Chronister]& Sarah E Frost. William was born in PA and died in KS.

3 October 1878        Jarratt Cylmon Smith [son of Jeremiah& Pemecia Smith]& Eliza Jane Brock

5 October 1847        Tyra Jennings Tynes & Harriet Jane Alford [daughter of Edwin Barksdale Alford & Martha P Smith]. They were married in Pike County, MS.

7 October 1880        William Louis Rowell & Elnora Elizabeth Brumfield [daughter of Isaac Nelson Brumfield & Sarah J Smith]. Elnora died when she was only 45.

11 October 1832       Gasua Chapman Fortenberry [son of William Jasper Fortenberry & Violette Kennington] & Sarah Brown [daughter of Moses Brown & Sarah Robertson]. They were married in Marion, MS. They had nine children. Gasua was a farmer. He and Sarah were married for over 50 years.

12 October 1859       William J M Smith [son of Wyatt Smith & Euseba Fortenberry]& Rachel Ellzey [daughter of John Ellzey & Elizabeth Coney]. They were married only three years when William died.

14 October 1896       Aaron Gruissy [son of Christian Gruissy & Mary Wise] & Etta S Wetzel. They were married in Stark Co, Ohio. They had one son, Ernest S Gruissy. They were married for 48 years.

15 October 1899       Roy Hurd & Mona D Morrison [daughter of Seth Benner Morrison & Margaret Jane Gruissy]. They were married in New Haven, Michigan. They had six children. Roy was a farmer and later a merchant in a general store. 


Wendy said...

I like how you highlighted brief marriages, long marriages, early deaths, career turns. Interesting little snippets.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Those are the things that make our ancestors come alive.