Monday, July 24, 2023

Stolen Beehives, 1886 MS

In 1886 the theft of these beehives was probably a serious situation. However, it makes me smile to read about the bread and biscuits left behind at the scene of the crime. Did the thief spread the honey on the bread and have a feast on the spot? I wonder if the hives were ever found and if more were stolen. 




Jeremiah Smith

30 Apr 1821 Pike, MS - 13 May 1894 MS

Son of Jeremiah George Smith & Joanna Dillon

Husband of Pernesia Smith

My 4th great uncle


Mr. Jeremiah Smith whose beehives were stolen some time since, we understand, declines to prosecute the intruders. He found near the spot a basket of cold bread and biscuit probably left to reserve for another haul; from the amount of bread found the gentleman believes that sooner or later all of his fifty bee-hives will be stolen.


The Magnolia Gazette

Magnolia, MS, 2 July 1886, page 2

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