Friday, July 7, 2023

1904 Reunion, Smith & Alford Families, MS

This is a wonderful little newspaper notice. Just imagine 1,000 family members gathered together for a reunion! I wish some of the names were listed. 


Smith and Alford Families Reunion


Jackson, Miss., July 12 – The Smith and Alford families held a reunion in Pike county a few days since that was attended by 1,000 persons, all related, and all from two families of Smiths and Alfords who settled on Silver Creek, a beautiful little stream about 100 years ago when all south Mississippi was an unbroken wilderness. The children of the two families married and intermarried, and married into other families until they are several thousand strong. The orator of the day was a Smith – Alford from Houston, Texas.


Vicksburg Evening Post

Vicksburg, MS, 12 July 1904, page 1



Here are my Alford – Smith marriages:


Edwin Barksdale Alford (1792 – 1878) & Martha P. Smith (1802 – 1861) m. 1818 MS

My 3x great grandparents


Eugene Booth Alford (1882 – 1949) & Sarah Emma Smith (1885 – 1965)


Jacob Lauhon Alford (1834 – 1884) & Sarah Ann Smith


Martha Aner Alford (1867 – 1926) & William Jasper Smith (1862 – 1950) m. 1887


Noel Waddell Alford (1838 – 1915) & Mary Elizabeth Smith


Sarah Simmons Alford & Sidney L. Smith (1876 – 1942) m. 1901


 Do You have any Alford - Smith families in Your Tree?




  1. Yes Carl v.alford to Louise Smith,

  2. From pike co, & smith co. Mississippi

  3. Wow, a thousand members of a family joining for a reunion close to the turn of the century; that certainly is a lot, and not common back in the day! What a huge family at that, a lot of intermarriages going on! ;) What a fun, interesting find. :)

  4. Quite a reunion! Especially on a hot summer's day.


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