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Book Report: Early German Settlers of York Co, PA

Here’s another book I bought at the NGS Conference, Exhibit Hall. I purchased this from Maia’s Books. Wow. They had a large exhibit with boxes & boxes of books. They were not always in any logical order so it was like digging for treasure. I’m happy to say I found silver & gold and they gave us 10% off coupons to use right away!

Dull, K. A. (2007). Early German Settlers of York County, Pennsylvania (Revised Edition). 
Westminster, MD: Heritage Books.

This book includes information on families from these towns:
Codorus, Dover, Manchester & Shrewsbury

I knew I have German roots in PA so I went right to the index of this book and quickly found my Wolf/Wolff family! Some information matched my research and some was new information. The only big surprise here is the youngest son, Johann Jacob b c 1737. I have not seen a reference to him before. That’s not completely unlikely, especially a son named after the father, but I have done quite a bit of research on this family and he never stood up and waved at me before. 

My records show the youngest son as Johann Jonas b 1739 who was my 5th great grandfather. He is not listed in the book because he was born in PA. The others were all b in Germany. Here are the Wolf/Wolff details from the book:

Page 277 - 279

Johann Jacob Wolff, was b to Johann Peter & Susanna at Ratzweiler, Germany, and bapt. At Ulmet on MY 3, 1694. He was from Ronneberg, when he m. Anna Barbara, dau. of Hans Jacob Orth of Weiler ander Noh, at Baumholder, Germany, on May 12, 1716. They immigrated to America on the ship Samuel in 1737, and were residing in York Co. in 1750. His probate inventory was filed in 1750 (?). They had the following children, b. in Ronnenberg, and bapt. At Baumholder:

1      Maria Magdalena, b on Feb. 3, 1717

2 Maria Barbara, b on Oct 29, 1718

3 Johan Peter, bapt., on Nov. 1, 1720. He had 429.105 acres in Manchester and West Manchester Rownship surveyed in 1767 (part of Killian Schmidt’s warrant). His probate inventory was filed in York Town 1771. He m. Maria Agnes, dau. Of Killian and Catharina Schmidt and had the following children:

A. Catharina, bapt. By RJL on Jan 12, 1746, and spon. By Johannes and Catharina Wolff.

B. Anna Margaretha, b. on Dec. 20, 1746, and bapt. At CLY on Feb. 24, 1747. She m. Georg Marcus Hartman about 1767, and had the following children:

a. Johan Peter, b. on Apr. 2, 1768, bapt. At CLY on Apr. 24, 1768, and spon. by his grandparents, Peter Wolff and wife.
b. Johan Jacob, bapt. By RJL on Mar. 5, 1749, and spon. By Killian and Catharina Schmidt.
c. Johann Jacob, bapt. By RJL on Apr. 29, 1750, and spon. By Johan Jacob and Anna Barbara Wolff.
d. Charlotta, b. on Jan. 29, 1752, bapt. By RJL on Mar. 22, 1752, and spon. By Johannes and Charlote Wolff. She m. Henry Holl at TLY on Jan. 17, 1775, and d. in Adams Co., PA, on Sept. 29, 1804.
e. Johan Georg, bapt. By RJL on Dec. 1, 1754, and sponsored by Georg and Barbara Hog.
f. Maria Elizabeth, bapt. By RJL on Dec. 17, 1758, and spon. By Georg and Maria Elizabeth Fink. She m. Adam Paulus at TLY on June 2, 1778.
g. Andreas, b. about 1760, and chose Frederick Wolff of Berwick Township as his guardian.

C. Johan Ludwig, bapt. On Mar. 5, 1723, and d. young.

D. Anna Maria, b. on June 10, 1724.

E. Johannes, bapt. On May 18, 1726. He was taxed in 1762. He m. Maria Charlotta, dau. Of Peter Mohr before 1750. He was a tailor, and d. in 1800. She was b. in 1725, and d. in 1798. They are bur. In Prospect Hill Cemetery. They had the following children:

a. Johan Jacob, bapt. By RJL on Jan. 1, 1750 and spon. By Jacob and Anna Barbara Wolff.
b. Maria Catharina, bapt. By RJL on Dec. 1, 1751, and spon. By Conrad and Maria Catharina Ama.
c. Maria Magdalena, bapt. By RJL on May 20, 1753, and spon. By Dieterich and Magdalena Meyer.
d. Eva, bapt. By RJL on Apr. 9, 1758, and spon. By Michael Schmeisser and Eva Ammin.
e. Johannes, bapt. By RJL on Jan. 1, 1760, and spon by Martin and Susannah Maria Bauer. He m. Anna Maria before 1782.
f. Petrus, b. on Oct. 18, 1762, bapt. At TLY on Oct. 31, 1762, and spon. By Johannes Welsch and Margaretta Wolff.
g. Johan Martin, b. on Apr. 5, 1766, bapt. At TLY on Apr. 20, 1766, and spon. By Martin Danner and wife.

F. Johan Nickel, bapt. On Nov. 4, 1728. He was taxed in Adams Co., Berwick Township in 1762 and 1772.

G. Maria Barbara, bapt. On Dec. 27, 1730.

H. Maria Christina, b. on Jan. 12, 1733, and bapt. On Jan. 16, 1733.

I. Johan Frederick, b on Aug. 16, 1735, and bapt. On Aug. 21, 1735. He m. Maria Elisabeth about 1761, and Susanna, widow of Henrich Schuh between 1785 and 1791. He was taxed in Berwick Township in 1762. His will was written in Adams Co., Berwick Township on Mar. 17, 1803, and probated on May 28, 1803. He had the following children:

a. Christina, b. in 1758, m. Henry, son of Jacob Baltzley, and d. in 1848.
b. Frederick, b in 1761.
c. Anna Catharina, bapt by RJL on Apr. 12, 1762, and spon. By Heinrich and Catharina Weller. She d. young.
d. Elisabeth m. John Noll, and d. in Adams Co., Abbottstown in 1833.
e. Jacob, b. on Aug 21, 1769, and d. in 1869.
f. Maria d. between 1803 and 1833.
g. Johan Georg, b. on Oct. 18, 1781, bpat at Abbottstown Lutheran Church in Adams Co. on Jan. 6, 1782, and spon. By Heinrich and Susanna Schuh.
h. Andreas, b. on June 5, 1783, bapt. At Abbottstown Lutheran Church on July 27, 1783, and spon. By Henry and Charlotte Holl. He m. Mary, dau. Of William Mummert.

J. Johan Jacob, b. about 1737, and was taxed in Berwick Township in 1762. He was a sponsor to the baptism of Johan Jacob Schmidt in 1757 (RJL). He received a warrant for 266.5 acres in Paradise Township on Dec. 18, 1751, that was surveyed on Dec. 29, 1751. He purchased 100 acres in Berwick Township in Pigeon Hills on Feb. 27, 1754, that was deeded to Frederick Wolff on July 22, 1757/Dec. 13, 1762 (these land transactions may refer to Jacob Sr., and the 1750 probate inventory may refer to a different Jacob Wolff.)

RJL = Private record of Reverend Jacob Lischy
CLY = Christ’s Church
TLY = Trinity church

Other Purchases at the Exhibit Hall:

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