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Daniel Mullane; Irish Coach Builder

Daniel Mullane
b c 1838 Kanturk, Cork, Ireland – 
d 25 March 1930 Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland
My Great Great Grandfather

Daniel Mullane was the son of Thomas Mullane & Julia Sullivan.[1] His sisters were Ellen Mullane, b 1836[2] & Margaret Mullane b 1840.[3] His father was a wheelwright.[4]

In 1866 his father, Thomas Mullane who was a carpenter, had moved the family northeast, across the border from County Cork to County Tipperary, living on Main Street in Clonmel, the largest town in that rural county. Martin English, also a carpenter on Main Street, had a daughter named Brigid. Thomas and Martin became in laws when their children married. Daniel Mullane and Brigid English were married in the old Saint Mary’s Church on 25 August 1866 by Father Richard Sladen.

Daniel and Brigid Mullane raised a large family in Clonmel on the shore of the tranquil River Suir. They lived on Mary Street and attended old Saint Mary’s Church. Later they changed to the newer Saints Peter and Paul Church. Many of their children were baptized there.
Saints Peter & Paul Church, Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland

Daniel Mullane was a coach builder in Clonmel. He built carriages, also called traps, carts or cars, which were pulled by a horse or pony. His business card said:

D. Mullane, Coach Builder, Upper Gladstone St., Clonmel begs to inform his numerous Customers and the general public that he has enlarged his Establishment and is now prepared to take Orders for every description of Cars, Carts and Carriages. Repairs, Painting and Trimming promptly and neatly executed. Also Warner Patent and Handmade wheels always in stock. Bodies of Every Description to Order.  Vehicles in Exchange.[5]

By the early 1900s Daniel, Brigid and their family moved to Upper Gladstone Street. They would remain on that street for over fifty years. Sarsfield Street begins at the River Suir, running perpendicular to the river and moving up the hill, changing to Gladstone Street and, eventually, Upper Gladstone Street. Saints Peter and Paul’s Church is located on Gladstone Street. Many businesses, including Daniel’s coach building business were established on the street.

Daniel Mullane died on 25 March 1930 in Ireland.[6] 

Mr. Daniel Mullane, Gladstone Street. One of Clonmel’s oldest and most respected inhabitants passed away this week in the person of Mr. Daniel Mullane, Upper Gladstone Street, whose death occurred on Tuesday. He had been in indifferent health for some months past, but not until about a month ago did his illness assume a more acute form. A native of Kanturk, Mr. Mullane came to Clonmel when he was a young man and entered the coach-building trade. He subsequently set up in business in Gladstone Street, where, under his careful guidance, a lucrative trade was built up. His death, at the great age of 92 years, has severed a link with a past generation and much sympathy is felt with the members of the family in their bereavement. The remains will be removed to SS. Peter and Paul Church this (Wednesday) evening at 8 o’clock, and the funeral will take place to Newcastle to-morrow [sic] at 1:30.[7]

In all, eleven children were born to the family. Four children: Patrick, Thomas and both Margarets died as children. Of the other seven children, five remained in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland as they grew and became adults. Only two children, daughters Mary Josephine & Julia, had children of their own.

St. Patrick's Well, Tipperary, Ireland.
Picnic spot for the Mullane family

Daniel & Family
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...... + Franklin Keeton
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    1. Thanks, Wendy. It is always nice to read your comments.

  2. This is a great bio for Daniel- and how cool to be able to see a business card for him! I wish I could find out more about my Buster family who came from Donegal.

    1. Terri, thanks for your nice comments. I am very excited to have any snippet from an ancestor & the business card is unique.

  3. And two of the daughters migrated to America giving us the pleasure of knowing you.


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