Friday, June 20, 2014

My Great Great Grands

I have just finished posting about all my great great grandparents through 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. It is a good time to compare & analyze.

My father’s great grandparents:

Allen Brown                       1836 – c 1870                      33 years  [Accidental Death]         
Emmaline Smith                 1834 – 1920                         88 years

Jessie Brumfield               1838 – 1914                         75 years
Martha Alford                   1846 – unknown

William Mark                      1844 – 1904                         60 years
Elidia R Ritter                    1854 – 1912                         58 years

Augustus Gruissy                1840 – 1915                         75 years
Esther B Wolf                      1836 – 1906                         70 years              

Average age = 66

They were all born in a 23 year span & died in a 45 year span.

Because Allen Brown drown as a young man the average life span becomes low. If you look at my father's grandparents & parents, his side of the family is clearly the longer lived.

My mother’s great grandparents:

Patrick Coyle                      1841 – 1925                         84 years
Margaret Brady                 c1855 – 1934                       79 years

Daniel Mullane                  1838 – 1930                         92 years
Brigid English                    1848 – 1920                         72 years

Average Age = 82

They were all born in a 17 year span & died in a 14 year span.

These are all on my mother’s mother’s side of the tree because I have no information on her father’s side. This limited information probably means there is no statistical significance but it is still interesting.


  1. I think this is a really interesting exercise, Colleen. I did a post a similar month or two ago with two differences: I didn't divide mine by maternal and paternal but identified which side of the family they were on; and I included causes of death. I think mine averaged to about 66 years, too, but I had several grandmothers who died at very young ages and included them. I don't really like numbers all that much so I surprised myself at being interested in a list like this.

    1. Nancy, isn't it interesting to look at the dates and ages. Of course, I can't help but wonder where I will end up some day; hopefully in with the long lived ancestors!

  2. An interesting analysis, Colleen. You are probably right about there not being much of a significance in averages with or without some of the family members included...but I would still have whipped out my calculator and redone that average on the paternal side, after setting aside that one unfortunate outlier--the ancestor who drowned.

    Though these are all strictly numbers, they represent people's stories in the abstract. How devastating that must have been for the family to lose Allen Brown. My mind starts seeking explanations for the others, too, like the woman who died much younger than the others--and her husband who soon followed her. Some people are repelled by numbers, but I think they help point out places where more could be ferreted out.

    1. Jacqui, they were certainly more than dates & numbers. Of course, as genealogists, I hope we all make those people come alive again.


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