Monday, June 23, 2014

1901 Letter from a Friend

This letter was written to my great grandmother, N Regina Gruissy while she was away from Ohio, visiting her sister in Michigan. It was addressed to RFD #2, St. John’s, Clinton Co., MI. Her friend, Bessie Kaufman, used a two cent stamp to send the letter to Regina.

It is a delightful letter from one young woman to another, talking about singing, sewing & young men.

Sept 25 – 1901
Doylestown O.

Miss Regina,
Dear friend it is with pleasure to sit down and write to you. I received your letter a short time ago and was very glad to learn that you were among the living yet. I will forgive you for not writing because you ask me to you know. Oh gee I wish you were out here. I am having lots of fun now. I am not working just now. I quit my place last week. I am staying at my cousins in Doylestown but expect to go home Sat eve and stay a week or so. I wish you would be at home then we would go to No 10 Singing again. Bertha is at home this week getting some sewing done. I hope you are enjoying your self out there. I had it in my head of going to Iowa this winter but gave it up on account of a certain person that objects.
Well as I am getting tired & sleepy and the rest are all asleep I must close with a kind Good Night. From Your Ever Faithful friend Miss Bessie Kauffman, Doylestown. Ans Soon

Excuse Mistakes
And Blunders
For when it rains
It Sometimes thunders

The boys are all as pretty & sporty as ever, ha. ha. ha.
Ans Soon       Sooner          Soonest

Written upside down on the bottom of the letter:

In the golden chain of friendship, regard me as a link.

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  1. "a certain person that objects" -- zzzing!
    What a cute letter!


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