Sunday, June 1, 2014

Forget Me Not: Cinderilla Brumfield ; A True Christian

 Cinderilla Brumfield c 1817 - 1884

"Cinderilla Brumfield was born in Washington parish, La., about the year 1820; she died Dec. 30, 1884, aged about 65 years. She was married to J. W. Brumfield Feb. 14, 1839. She was baptized into the fellowship of Mt. Pisgah church in July, 1861 and moved her membership to Bethany church and remained there a few years, when again she moved her membership to Mt. Pisgah church. She remained a faithful member there until her death. She was a true Christian, a good companion, and loved by all those around her. She leaves a husband and eight children."

Source: Williams, E. Russ. Abstracts of Obituaries from the Minutes of the Magee's Creek Baptist Association (Mississippi and Louisiana), 1882 - 1924. Monroe, Louisiana: Privately printed, 1978, page 8. From the Louisiana Archives, Baton Rouge, LA.

1 Cindyrella Lanier b: c. 1817 Washington Parish, LA, d: 30 Dec 1884
... + John Wilson Brumfield b: 1816 Washington, LA, m: 14 Feb 1839, d: 30 Dec 1884
......2 Zekel Brumfield b: c. 1839 Washington Parish, LA
......2 Frances Brumfield b: c. 1841 Washington Parish, LA
......2 Malissa Brumfield b: c. 1842 Washington Parish, LA
......2 John T. Brumfield b: c. 1844 Washington Parish, LA
......2 William C. Brumfield b: c. 1845 Washington Parish, LA
......2 Louisiana Brumfield b: c. 1848 Washington Parish, LA
......2 Candasia Brumfield b: c. 1850 Washington Parish, LA
......2 Clarissa M. Brumfield b: c. 1852 Washington Parish, LA
......2 Uriah V. Brumfield b: c. 1853 Washington Parish, LA
......2 Samantha E. Brumfield b: c. 1854 Washington Parish, LA
......2 Rosa E. Brumfield b: c. 1857 Washington Parish, LA


  1. Quite a legacy to pass on to her 12 children.

  2. Don't you love those obituaries when the writer praises the newly departed as if they were good friends? Maybe they really were - did family write the obituary back then? I always assumed there was a staff writer.

    1. Wendy, good point. This obit comes from the Baptist Church records. I think it was a small church & they all knew each other but I don't know that for sure.


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