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Military Service: Casper Ritter & Casper Ritter, both served in the Revolutionary War

With Independence Day coming soon I have been reviewing the information I have gathered about my family’s Revolutionary War soldiers. We have several, all in my father’s family. One example comes from our Pennsylvania Ritters. I can keep some of them straight but others are confusing.

My 5th great grandfather,
served in the Lancaster County Militia.[1] Two of his brothers also served. Martin Ritter, 1749 PA – 1827 PA served in the Northampton Militia.[2] Johannes and Martin are easy to keep straight but looking at a third brother gets a little confusing.

Casper Ritter, brother of Johannes & Martin, and Casper Ritter, nephew of Johannes & Martin, both served in the War.  

Casper Ritter                                                  Casper Ritter [nephew]
Son of Heinrich                                               Son of Casper [yet another Casper]
b c 1749 Bucks, PA                                          b 24 July 1747 Northampton, PA
d 1822                                                             d 2 May 1824 PA
Wife Hanna Ottilia Hertz                                Wife Anna M Germantown
Corporal                                                         Private, Infantry
Northampton Co Militia[3],[4]                         Northampton Co Militia[5],[6]

I have gone back and forth between these two men, trying to keep each straight.  Although they are uncle & nephew they were born and died about the same time & served in the same militia. I am very fortunate to have these patriots in our family and to have some information about their lives. Is it too much to ask that they have different names?


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  1. Oh yeah -- they would be difficult to trace. I have 2 men named Leonard Davis, father and son. I knew one died about 1840 so I assumed it was the father. However, in the 1840 census, I found Leonard living with his daughter; he was listed as a Revolutionary War veteran age 79, so the one that died was actually the son. In your case though, the birth and death dates are so close together that it will be a struggle to sort them out, I'm sure.


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