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Census Sunday – The 1869 Hungarian Census

I have used US Census reports many, many times. I have also used Irish census reports. Both taught me a wealth of information about my family’s branches. For the first time I have information form the Hungarian Census.

The Census.

According to Ancestry: The 1869 Census is a “people” census, attempting to enumerate all individuals of all religions, regardless of property ownership. The Census was created by the Hungarian Government. The broad scope of the census makes it particularly valuable for genealogical research. The census was mainly recorded in the Magyar (Hungarian) language, though census records from some areas may also include other languages such as Slovak.

The census is available in the LDS' Family History Library Catalog catalog as Place (Hungary), Topic (Hungary-1869 Census). The microfilms present the towns in alphabetical order of their current Slovak name, with the Hungarian name (under which the records were created) in parenthesis.

The census is available on line at JewisGen where it is searchable and in English. This is a terrific website with much information for Jewish research in more than a dozen countries.

My Family.

My maternal grandfather was Nathaniel Gardner, son of Leopold Gartner and grandson of Markusz Gartner. My 2x grandfather and family are in the 1869 census in Tokaj, Hungary. The census gives me birthdates for the family and the names of his children.

Census                                                          Notes
Mark Gertner b 1826                                       Markusz Gartner b Dukla, Poland
Devorah Horn Gertner b 1838                         married in Dukla, Poland

Children:                                                       Oldest children born in Dukla, Poland
Leib b 1853                                                  Leopold; birthdate varies in other records         
Hani b 1860
Hirsch b 1861
Laban b 1862                                                 Solomon
Herm b 1862                                                  Hermina
Izrael b 1864, Tokaj                                       born Tokaj, Hungary
Jakob b 1868                                                 born Tokaj, Hungary

With Thanks.
Thanks to Robert J. Friedmanfrom Steps to the Past LLC. Robert is a professional genealogist who has been researching my Gartner roots for me. He is a member of the Association ofProfessional Genealogists. The census report is just a tiny portion of the information he has uncovered for me.

Népszámlálás, 1869 (1869 Census) of Zemplén megye (Zemplén County), Tokaj, Tokaj district, house no. 423, p. 184-185, Mark Gärtner and family; Magyar Országos Levéltár (Hungarian National Archives), Budapest,Hungary; FHL microfilm 720008.

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  1. My family has been in this country so long that I have not been able to trace them back to Europe. I have never had to try to figure out census records or other records for another country.


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