Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sepia Saturday - Scouts

This week's Sepia Saturday topic is Scouts due to the March 12th 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts and the recent 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts. Go to Sepia Saturday to see more related photos.

On March 12th I posted a  photo to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Girl Scouts. Today I dug out these old post cards. In August 1964 I mailed these post cards home from camp. I was away at Camp Little Notch, Fort Ann, NY, sleeping in tents, cooking over campfires, boating, making crafts and hiking. There was a room in a cabin where we could buy postcards, stamps and other trinkets. I bought these cards there and mailed them to my parents and my brothers. They have 4 cent stamps!

Looking at the card on the left, you can see I added dialog for the people & animals. On the back I wrote,

Friday we had a cookout. We had: coco, toss salad, shaggy dogs & spaggetti.
On this postcard, to my brother, I wrote,

I know you don't like Girl Scouts but you would like it here.

It is funny to see what my younger self wrote home.

Let's hope Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts continue to bring new experiences & happy memories for many more years!


  1. I went to a local Girl Scout day camp every summer -- no need for post cards, I guess. Yours are wonderful. I'm glad they didn't get tossed in the trash.

  2. Very appropriate cards from a camp. Adding dialogue to the first one was a gret idea.

    1. These are great! I wasn't in the Girl Scouts, but we have Camp Cleowox near Florence on the Oregon Coast where they camped. It is so cute what you wrote to your brother.

      Kathy M.

  3. I love your cards. My sisters went to a Girl Scout camp.I have a colored picture postcard from that camp, but you can't tell it is Girl Scout camp unless you read the description on the back.

  4. I love these cards - and especially the note you wrote on the second one.

  5. Your postcard messages are so cute. I saw a book reviewed recently that was full of cards and letters from camps to parents. Your cards could have been there. I love that the girl scouts had their own cards. Another source of revenue along with cookies. Very smart.

  6. What great memories, love those chicks you've given their own messages.

  7. You bought a nice personal touch to the theme with theses cards. I liked the speech bubbles you added too - obviously you had a good imagination.

  8. Oh you do the theme full justice. What wonderful cards, what wonderful social documents.

  9. I loved seeing the cards and reading what you wrote on the backs of them. So glad you've kept them to share with us.


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