Monday, July 2, 2012

Ancestor Anniversaries, July 1 - 10

1 July 1939              Tom Sanfillipo & Antoinette Brigandi [daughter of Carmen Brigandi & Angels Valenti]. They were married in New Jersey. They had two daughters.

3 July 1889              Albert F. Lutz & Mary Magdalene Gruissy [Augustus Ceaser Gruissy & Mary Ann Everett]. They were married in Ohio. Mary died in 1917 and Albert died in 1935.

3 July 1948              Olen D. Ellis & Dorothy May Hile [daughter of Robert Rugh Hile & Grace Eva Jolliff]. They were married in Kentucky. They had two sons.

3 July 1958              Charles Kay Hutchinson & Edith Rose Ball [daughter of James Alton Ball & Mildred Olga Ball].  They were married in Louisiana. They had three children.

4 July 1936              J. D. Miller & Nellie Louise Cutrer [daughter of Isaac Omer Cutrer & Fannie Rebecca Smith].

6 July 1948              Harold Jay Nee [son of Roy E nee & Isabell Esther Mark] & Pauline Harriet Beitzel. They were married in Maryland. They had four children, born in Ohio.

9 July 1954              Eli Warren Jr. & Virginia Lynett Mark [daughter of Charles Forest Mark & Bertha Flickinger]. 

10 July 1935            Raymond A. Nothstein [son of William D Nothstein & Bessie Andrew]  & Viola Cathern Mark [daughter of Thomas K Mark & N. Regina Gruissy]. They were married in Ohio. They had four children.


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks. Just another way to try and find others who connect. Colleen