Saturday, February 2, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors - C

Take a moment to look over these surnames. I post them in hopes of discovering new contacts to expand my knowledge of these names. Some of these surnames are more twigs than branches on my tree. It is time to let them out to get some sunshine & some attention.

C is for these Surnames…

My information on the Campbells in my family is limited. Howard Campbell married Rowena Arbuckle. Verna Dale Campbell married Gary Lee Zemrock who was b in Ohio. As far as I know they are unrelated Campbells.
James Carberry b c 1908 in New Jersey married Margaret Mary Brady, b 1910 in New Jersey. They had three children, b in NJ and CT.
Effie Margaret Carter [b 1904 Ohio - d 1966] married James Everett Mark [b 1896  Ohio - d 1868 Ohio]. Effie’s parents were Frank and Sadie’s (Mapes) Carter.
This is a name from my husband’s family. Joe Corisitto married Carmella Palilla, b 1918. They had two sons.
My Coyles came from County Cavan, Ireland. My maternal grandmother was Helen F (Coyle) Gardner. I can trace her line back to Michael Coyle & Mary Cunningham [b c 1810 - d 1848]. Their son, Patrick Coyle [b 1841 in Ireland - d 1925 CT], married Margaret Brady. They had 11 children, born in Ireland and Conecticut.
Some members of my Gruissy family Americanized their name to Creasy. The Gruissy family came from Switzerland to Pennsylvania to Ohio. Philip M Creasy [b 1867 Ohio - d 1934 Ohio], married Mary E Wasem. Their son was Harry Lewis Creasy, 1891 – 1950.
This is an Irish surname. Mary Cunningham, daughter of James, was b c 1810 & d 1848. She married Michael Coyle. They had four children.
Hiram Cutrer [1843 – 1929] married Sarah Jane Fortenberry, b 1846 in Mississippi. They had five children. The names expand from there.

Other ‘C’ surnames in my trees: Card, Carter, Cass, Chiles, Christmeyer, Clason, Comeaux, Conerly, Coney, Cousins, Cowling, Cox & Crenshaw.

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