Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors - D

Take a moment to look over these surnames. I post them in hopes of discovering new contacts to expand my knowledge of these names. Some of these surnames are more twigs than branches on my tree. It is time to let them out to get some sunshine & some attention.
If you see some leaves & branches from your trees, let’s share & compare.

D is for these Surnames…

The D’Ambrosio family came from Italy. They are in my husband’s family. Samuel D’Ambrosio married Sentina Palilla [b c 1901 in Sicily]. They had five children, born in Connecticut and New York State.
I connections to more than one Davis family. Archie Davis b 1914 & d 1971 married Rava Nell Ball, b 1923 in LA. Dirvin Davis married Anna Ritter, b 1889. They had five children. William L Davis [1838 – 1913] married Narcissa A Fortenberry [1848 SC – c 1909]. As far as I know these three Davis men are unrelated.
Jimmie Dean Denison [1897 – 1979] married Jessie Ola Hall [1897 MS – 1987 MS]. They had three children.
Bradford Dennison married Susan Weisberg [b in Buffalo NY]. I would like to be able to contact these cousins.
My sixth great grandfather was Johan Adam Dick [b 1709 in Germany – 1785 in Pennsylvania] who married Anna Ottilla Knack [b 17ii Germany – 1782 in Pennsylvania]. They had seven children, born in Germany, at Sea & in Pennsylvania.
James Theopilous Dillon [b c 1719 Ireland] was my sixth great grandfather. His son was Richard Dillon [1745 VA – 1833 MS] who married Anne Lawrence [b c 1762 NC – d c 1830 MS]. They had nine children, born in North and South Carolina.
          Herbert Dunsmore married Vera May Hurd [1912 CT – 1987 MI]. They had two sons.
Herman Claude Dykes [1900 LA – 1983 LA] married Velma Amanda Blades [1907 LA – 1980 LA]. They had three children.
Other ‘D’ surnames: Darensod, Derhammer, Derr, Dew, Dickens, Dilley, Duncan, Dupuy & Durham


Wendy said...

What an ingenious tool for cousin bait. I hope you'll post your successes.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Wendy, if I make connections with this there will be a blog post. My fingers are crossed.