Saturday, May 25, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors K

K is for kin and these are my ‘K’ connections.
If you share one of these names, let’s
communicate. It is always good to learn more.

K is for these Surnames…

My Keck family came from Germany. Henry Keck, my 5th great grandfather, came from Germany and settled in Pennsylvania. He & Hannah had seven children: Johannes, Georg, Henrich, Maria Elisabeth, Wilhelm, Andreas & Frederick. At least three of those sons served in the Revolutionary War. Daughter, Maria Elisabeth Keck, married Johannes Ritter, Sr. They had eleven children, all born in Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania.

I have Kelly families that are not related to each other but are related to me. Bernard W. Kelly [b. 1894 CT] married Bridget Coyle [1888 Ct – 1943]. Bridget was my great grand aunt, daughter of Patrick Coyle & Margaret Brady.
Margaret Kelly [b 1772 NC] married John Brumfield [b c 1768] in North Carolina. Margaret was my 4th great grandmother. Her father, William S. Kelly, served in the Revolutionary War. Margaret was the mother of thirteen children, born in South Carolina and Louisiana.

Edward Kennington [b 1715] was the father of three sons: twins, Edward & William and John. Edward was my 5th great grandfather. His son, John, served n the Revolutionary War. He lived in South Carolina, married Martha & was the father of seven children.

Terry F. King married Joanne Spice in Ohio. Joanne was the daughter of Ralph Lawrence & Petronela Spice. They had three children.

Anna Margaretha Ritter [b 1761 PA], my 5th great grand aunt, married Bernhard Klein. They had four children: Elizabeth, Solomon, Margareth & Christina, all born in Pennsylvania.

Anna Ottilla Knack was my 6th great grandmother [1711 Germany – 1782 PA]. She married Johan Adam Dick [1709 Germany – 1785 PA]. They married 1731 in Germany. They had seven children: three born in Germany, one born at Sea, and three born in Pennsylvania. I’d like to learn more about Anna’s Knack family.

Andreas & Barbara Keck had two children marry into the Knauss family. Their son, Solomon Keck [1782 PA – 1863 PA] married Margaret Knauss [1784 – 1866 PA]. Their daughter, Maria Magdalene Keck [1787 PA – 1839] married Solomon Knauss. Try to keep those names straight! Ha!

Cornelia Knight [1785 – 1806] married Jacob Wolf [1762 PA – 1810 PA].Jacob was the son of Johann Jonas Wolf & Appollonia Dick. Cornelia & Jacob had a daughter named Margaret [b 1803].

Other ‘K’ surnames in my tree: Keeton, Keller, Kendall, Kern, Kindig, Kinney, Kirk, Klingensmith, Knappenberger, Knepp, Kunemund, Knoble, Knox, Koenig, Kohr, Kolk & Krick.

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