Thursday, May 30, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday – A Future Treasure?

Genealogy takes time: searching the internet, traveling to archives & libraries, writing letters, interviewing, etc. However, many of us have other interests as well. When the weather here in New York State is good, I like to spend time in my garden. I also spend many hours in my sewing room making quilts. Sometimes I try to integrate my interests. I enjoy finding ways to link genealogy & quilting.

Civil War 9 Patch Quilt

With the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War companies who make cotton fabric for quilts made reproduction fabrics, new fabrics in the colors and patterns of the 1860s. I bought some fabric, selected a quilt pattern from that era and made a Civil War Quilt. I wanted to make it in memory of my ancestors who fought on both sides on that awful conflict.
Label on back of Civil War 9 Patch Quilt

Recently my quilt guild had their quilt show. The Civil War Quilt is one of the quilts I entered in the show and I was happy to receive a second place ribbon for my workmanship.
Second Place Ribbon

Maybe, in the future, my quilt will be a treasure for my family.

Our family’s Civil War Soldiers, Union:

§ Thomas Jefferson Mark 1840 – 1963, 118 Reg., Co. E Ohio Vol. Inf.
§ John Mark 1842 – 1862, 16 Reg., Co C Ohio Volunteer Infantry
§ William Mark 1844 – 1904, 195 Reg., Co I Ohio Vol. Infantry
§ Marion Mark b1848, 16 Reg. – 114 Reg. Ohio Vol. Infantry
§ David Ritter 1842 – 1863, 16 Reg., Co A, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
§ John W S Wolf 1841 – 1908, 120 Reg., Co D, Ohio Vol. Infantry
§ Joseph Wolf 1844 – 1924, 120 Reg., Co D, Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Our family’s Civil War Soldiers, Confederate:

§ Jessie Alexander Brumfield 1838 – 1910, Col JH Wingfield’s Reg, LA Calvary
§ John D. Brumfield 1842 – 1903, Col J H Wingfield’s Reg. LA Calvary
§ MartinPenn Brumfield 1837 – 1862, 9th Louisiana Infantry, Co I, Rifles
§ BurrellTaylor Fortenberry 1820 – 1863, Pvt. 9th Louisiana Calvary
§ Gasua Chapman Fortenberry 1805 – 1884, 9th Mississippi Regiment

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  1. What a smart way to combine your interests. It's interesting to see that list of names of soldiers on both sides of the conflict. I need to do that. I know SOME who fought, but I have not really bothered to check on some of the collateral lines. And congratulations on that ribbon!

    1. Wendy, there are probably more soldiers in my family but those are the ones I have uncovered thus far. As you know, we are always learning something new.

  2. Very nice quilt, well done, great label and a great way to blend hobbies.

    1. Mary, thanks! Without a label some day my quilts will be like an unidentified photo. ha!

  3. Nice quilt. I remember the quilting sessions when I was a youngster many years ago.

    1. Charlie, thanks. I have been sewing, in one form or another, most of my life. My mother and her mother taught me. It is a family thing, of course! ha.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful, Colleen. Congratulations on the ribbon! You had a lot of Civil War soldiers in your family!

    1. Nancy, thanks! Making the quilt was lots of fun. I may add the list of soldiers to the back of the quilt.

  5. The quilt is beautiful! What a great keepsake :)

    1. Sally, thanks! I enjoy trying to combine my interests.


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