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April Family Birthdays, April 1 - 15

Rephenia (Gruissy) Nichols
1 April        1709    Johan Adam DICK was born in Germany. He came to America on the Ship Rob & Alice, arriving in Philadelphia on 11 September 1738 with his wife, Anna Ottilla KNACK,  and their daughter, including Appollonia, who had been born on the voyage. The family settled in York County, Pennsylvania. They belonged to the German Baptist Church in Abbottstown. Johan Adam Dick is my 6th great grandfather.
        1836    Nancy FORTENBERRY
        1878    George Washington MARK
        1883    Walter Lee BLADES

2 April        1808    James G. BROWN was one four children of Moses BROWN & Sarah ROBERTSON. He had four children: John, William, Mary & Joseph. He died in 1849.
        1881    Harriet Emma WOLF
        1889    Jas. Luther THORNHILL

3 April        1899    Lillian Pearl ELLZEY
1917    Ethel May ESCHLIMAN married Samuel Martin Mark JOLLIFF, son of Samuel Martin JOLLIFF & Margaret Maude MARK. Ethel had 3 children: Robert, Marilyn & Thomas.
        1928    Delbert Karl LEBER in Ohio

4 April        1870    Rephenia Cathern GRUISSY was born in Ohio, daughter of Augustus Ceaser GRUISSY & Esther Barbara WOLF. She married Willis NICHOLS. They had one son, Richard Ray NICHOLS. They lived in Michigan but often returned to Ohio to visit family there. Letters between Rephenia & her sister, N. Regina GRUISSY MARK remain in the family.
        1900    Bernard I. BRADY in New Jersey
        1908    Carl WOLF
        1927    Donald BOGAN

5 April        1828    Isabell FISHER was born in Ohio, daughter of John and Catherine FISHER. She married Isaac RITTER in 1878. They had 12 children: William, George Washington, Thomas K., Margaret Maude, Emma Jane, William Hercules, Mary Jeanette, Amos, Eslie Guy, Charles Forest & James Everett.  She was my 2nd great grandmother.
        1850    Burrell Franklin FORTENBERRY
        1893    Guy Napoleon WOLF

6 April        1816    Lidda SMITH
        1878    Bridget MULLANE
        1879    Lottie Irene BRUMFIELD was born in Mississippi, daughter of Isaac Nelson BRUMFIELD & Sarah J SMITH. She married Jesse Monroe CONERLY. She’s my 2nd cousin three times removed.

7 April        1804    Joseph FRANTZ was the son of Henrick FRANTZ & Margaretha RITTER. He married Salome ROTH.
        1819    Christian WOLF
        1869    Eliza Cordella WOLF

8 April        1843    Amanda M. RUMFELD married Solomon B RITTER, son of Martin RITTER & Anna Margaret BOGERT. She died in 1911 in Pennsylvania.
        1862    Mary Hollander BLADES

9 April        1751    John Henry RITTER
        1824    Sarah BRUMFIELD
        1831    Christina Minerva FORTENBERRY
        1878    Roy Edward NEE
        1896    Ruth Naomi HAWK was born in Ohio, the daughter of William HAWK & Elizabeth RITTER. She married Milton Guy CURRIER.
        1925    Robert E. FEGAN

10 April        1779    Henry RITTER
1853    Franklin P. MARK was born in Ohio, son of Abraham MARK & Mary Isabella HEFFELFINGER. He married Laura M MILLER. Their children: Minnie, Emma, Lloyd & Glenn. Franklin was a carpenter.

11 April        1809    John Franklin WOLF was born in Pennsylvania, son of John Frederick WOLF & Esther Barbara SHAFFER. He married Elisabeth BURKHOLDER. They had 9 children. He died 10 March 1883, at the age of 73. He was my 3rd great grandfather.
        1857    Courtney Rebeccca BRUMFIELD

12 April        1858    Mary Ann ALFORD was born in Louisiana, daughter of Reverend Warren J ALFORD & Celia Ann LEWIS. She died 6 January 1894, at the age of 35.
        1873    Alexander Griffin BRUMFIELD
        1881    Lucy May BRUMFIELD
        1915    Herbert Phillip MULLEN Sr.

13 April        1818    Milevey  SMITH was born in Mississippi, daughter of Jeremiah SMITH & Joanna DILLON. She married Don HARVEY.
        1844    Christianna Euseba FORTENBERRY
        1862    Margaret Jane BRUMFIELD

14 April        1824    Sarah Ann CHRONISTER
1894    Albert Rowlen MORRISON was born in Ohio, son of Seth Benner MORRISON &   Margaret Jane GRUISSY. He married Dora MORRISON. Their children: Helen, Edward & Jean.
        1908    Ayleen Ellzey FORTENBERRY

15 April        1747    Maria Elisabeth KECK was born In Pennsylvania, daughter of Henry KECK & Hannah PETERSON. She married Johannes RITTER, Sr. and had 11 children.  She was my 5th great grandmother. She died in 1813 at the age of 66.
        1917    Eva Lena Moseley MARK

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