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April Family Birthdays, April 16 - 30

William Hercules Mark
16 April                 1868       Walker FORTENBERRY
                                1881       Margaret COYLE
                                1887       James Joseph COYLE was born in Connecticut, son of Patrick COYLE & Margaret BRADY. He married Madeline HERBST. They had 7 children. He was a carpenter  and a teacher.
                                1913       Robert Earl FORTENBERRY

17 April                 1785       Margaret RITTER
                                1828       Louisa Blackwell FORTENBERRY
                                1874       Benjamin E. BLADES
                                1876       Margaret MULLANE was born in Ireland, one of 12 children of Daniel MULLANE & Brigid ENGLISH. Margaret died before 1880. 

18 April                 1855       Elizabeth FORTENBERRY
1880       Margaret MULLANE was born in Ireland, named for her sister who died as a toddler. This daughter of Daniel MULLANE & Brigid ENGLISH died in 1892, at the age of 12.

19 April                 1798       Jacob WOLF
1851       Laura BRUMFIELD was born in Louisiana, daughter of Nathaniel BRUMFIELD & Charlotte Temple OTT. She married Needham ALFORD.
                                1880       Ollie Izellie SCHILLING

20 April                 1824       William WOLF was born in Pennsylvania, son of John Frederick WOLF & Esther Barbara Wolf. He married Sarah Jane WILSON. Their children: Frederick, Tholomiah & Anna. William died in 1888 in Kansas.
                                1850       Emory F. WOLF

21 April                 1849       Nelson Monroe FORTENBERRY
1864       Anthony Casper RITTER was born in Ohio, son of Isaac RITTER & Isabell FISHER. He married Emma Alice MOWRER in 1883. Their children: Clement, Elmer, Harvey, Frederick, Mary Isabell.

22 April                 1845       Rebecca Jane Tillis FORTENBERRY
                                1907       Alton Earl FORTENBERRY
                                1908       Gussie ALFORD was the daughter of Jeptha Martin ALFORD & Laura Jane WARNER. She married Duviox B FORTENBERRY. Their children: Lemuel, Laurie, Glenda, Rebecca.

23 April                 1794       Jonas WOLF
1883       Mary B WOLF was born in Ohio, daughter of Johan W. S. WOlF & Elizabeth Jane ANDERSON. She married Arthur DUNHAM in 1906.
24 April                 1808       Elizabeth Coney ELLZEY
                                1830       Joel RITTER

25 April                 1896       Lillian Myrtle HOVERSTOCK married Amos Martin MARK, son of William MARK & Elidia Rebecca RITTER. Their son was Ernest Miles MARK.
                                1913       Alton Woodrow WILSON
                                1925       Elenora CUTRER
                                1931       Eddie Jasper PIERCE

26 April                 1721       Barbara RITTER
                                1907       Jessie Mary LOWE
                                1917       Edna Margaret WILSON
                                1920       Thelma Lee MULLINS was born in Mississippi, daughter of Arthur Cleveland MULLINS & Janie Elizabeth PITTMAN. Thelma married Lank W. MORRIS.
                                1936       Billy Joe FORTENBERRY

27 April                 1872       Timothy MULLANE
                                1882       Emma Jane MARK
                                1916       Robert James COYLE was born in Connecticut, son of James Joseph COYLE & Madeline HERBST. He married Ruth POTTLE. He has generously shared genealogical information on many occasions.
28 April                 1798       David RITTER was born in Pennsylvania, son of Johannes RITTER, Jr. & Anna Mariah.
                                1836       Saran Ann MOYER

29 April                 1819       Mary Isabella HEFFELFINGER was born in Pennsylvania. She was my 3rd great-grandmother. She married Abraham MARK. They had eight sons. Two of those sons died in the Civil War.
                                1913       Catherine Ruth GOOD
                                1934       Joanne Grace MAURER

30 April                 1821       Jeremiah SMITH was born in Mississippi, son of Jeremiah SMITH & Joanna Dillon. He married Pernecia. Their children: Jarratt, William & Ancil. Jeremiah was my 3rd great grand uncle.
                                1852       Morgana Josephine MCDANIEL
                                1868       Philip RITTER
                                1884       William Hercules MARK
                                1910       Cleal Morrison SWAGLER

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