Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ancestor Anniversaries, May 1 - 13

May 1836                Frederick Miller & Barbary Ritter [daughter of Johannes Ritter, Jr. & Anna Mariah] Frederick & Barbary had five children, all born in Ohio. Barbary died 12 Feb 1895.

1 May 1851              John Shaffer Ellzey, Jr. [ son of John Ellzey & Elizabeth Coney} & Saryntha A. Smith [daughter of Wyatt Smith & Euseba Fortenberry] John & Saryntha had eight children, all born in Mississippi. John died 5 Sept 1874. Saryntha died 25 July 1905.

1 May 1919              John William Ritter [son of Isaac Ritter & Isabell Fisher] & Minnie J. Marshman. John William Ritter was married three times. He also married Ruth Anna Scott & Mary E. Cobler. He & Ruth had eight children, all born in Ohio.

6 May 1917              Frank Pascale [son of Augustino Pascale & Maria Grazia Servello] & Giovanna Pascale [daughter of Thomas Pascale & Carmella Arena]. They were married in Mt. Kisco, NY. They had six children.

6 May 1939              Sammuel Ruffus Brock & Iris Elizabeth Pierce [daughter of Arlie Pierce & Lyda Mearl Brown]. They were married in McComb, Pike, Mississippi. They had two children. Sammuel died 5 Dec 1989 in Mississippi.

7 May 1912              James Joseph Coyle [ son of Patrick Coyle & Margaret Brady] & Madeline Herbst [daughter of Conrad Herbst & Rosa Hahn] They were married in New York, NY. They had seven children. The oldest was born in Texas and the others were born in Connecticut.

9 May 1921              Nathaniel Gardner [son of Leopold Gartner & Fannie Edelstein] & Helen F. Coyle [daughter of Michael Coyle & Mary Josephine Mullane] Nathaniel and Helen were married twice, to each other. They were married in a civil ceremony in Manhattan, NY & later married in a Catholic ceremony. They had one daughter. Nathaniel & Helen were my maternal grandparents. 

12 May 1716            Johan Jacob Wolf [son of Johannes Peter Wolf & Susanna] & Anna Barbara Orth. They were married in Germany. They had eleven children. Ten children were born in Germany. The youngest was born in Pennsylvania. 

13 May 1920            Calogero Palilla [son of Dominick Palilla & Carmella Comparetto] & Grazia Brigandi [daughter of Carmen Brigandi & Angela Valenti]. They were married in Connecticut. They had four children.
Helen Coyle & Nathaniel Gardner


Charlie Purvis said...

Sammuel Ruffus Brock is a descendant of my Brocks of Chesterfield County, SC. His 1st great grandparents are James L. Brock & Elizabeth Purvis. They migrated from SC about 1818 to Clarke County, AL and then onto the Rankin county area of Mississippi. Can you clarify that your spelling of his name is correct. Love you blog and read it daily.
Charlie Purvis

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Charlie, Thanks for the information. I cannot access my genealogy because my laptop is in for repairs. When it is out of emergency care I will follow up on this.