Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories December 5 – Outdoor Lights

Don’t look for a photo here. I almost always post a photo with my blog, a scan of an old document, the face of an ancestor or a photograph of a piece of treasured family memorabilia. Therefore, you are probably expecting a photo of the front of our house on its hill, draped in tasteful white lights along the roof line, around the big windows and wrapped perfectly around the front porch pillars. No inflatable figures or pink flamingos, of course, just a photograph equal to any magazine cover.

I do spend hours working on our photo Christmas card and yearly letter. I quilted our stockings and hung them with care. My husband cut down our tree and we decorated it with love. However, on the subject of outdoor lights, don’t ask. We just don’t have the skills. Ask our children. They laugh and say my husband just throws lights on the shrubs in the front of the house. We do not have the outdoor light gene. I will have to widen my genealogy research to uncover where this came from. Are we throwbacks to earlier ancestors or has this been passed down to every generation? I’d be happy to hear from anyone else who shares this rare gene. And, if you come to visit, please step inside quickly. It looks good inside.

Written in response to Geneabloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. Click on the link to read Christmas memories from other genealogists.

Cousins, do you have a Christmas memory you'd like to share? Let me know. I can add it to this Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories and maybe to the next family book. Contact me: cgbp[at]

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Wendy said...

We don't have the outdoor light gene either. Everybody else can neatly disguise all the extension cords but when we try, the cords are all I can see.