Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starting my 2012 Genealogy Goals

Helen (Coyle) Gardner's Trunk
This year my goals focus on my mother’s family, especially my Irish roots.  I decided to review the materials I already have. I began with my Nana’s old trunk. I remember when it sat at the top of the steep stairs at my Nana’s house. She kept a heavy cloth over it and a lamp on top. I believe it belonged to her mother when she came from Ireland but I cannot be sure. Now it is in my house with a quilt over it. 

Leopold & Nathaniel Gardner
I hadn’t looked through it in ages so I sat down and stepped into the past. Some of the things inside are: my Nana’s photo album from 1917, my mother’s child sized ballet slippers, old post cards of New York City, embroidered handkerchiefs, Christmas and Easter cards drawn by us grandchildren and lots more. It was easy to get distracted by memories but I tried to focus on genealogy. 

The Gardners: Nathaniel, Joy & Helen
The most important item I found that I had not noticed before was an envelope of black and white photographs. One photo shows my mother’s father with his father, Leopold & Nathaniel Gardner. It is the only one I know of with them together. Another photo shows my mother with her parents. That is only the second photo of the three of them. Small treasures.

Times Square Postcard
I didn’t learn anything new about the family. I didn’t uncover a journal with answers to all my questions but I do have more special photos. Next I will go through my files and binders to see if I have overlooked anything there.


  1. A worthwhile goal for the year and an afternoon well-spent!

  2. Even if you didn't find out anything new, what a wonderful treasure that trunk must be!

  3. How lucky you are to have those treasures!


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