Sunday, August 5, 2012

Census Sunday - Following the Weisberg family Through Several Census reports

Frank Samuel Weisberg 1878 - 1940 & Florence Gartner Weisberg 1879 - 1954

There are times when we can trace a family through census records, getting a fairly clear picture of their lives. I have family documents, letters and photographs of these members of my maternal grandfather’s family. But even if you look only at the census records you can trace the lives of this family from the early years of their marriage to the marriage of their oldest son. You can see Frank progress from tailor to furrier to the owner of his own fur store. 

The Weisbergs in Buffalo, NY

Take note of these interesting items: The head of household’s first name alternates between Frank S. and Samuel F. The surname switches between Weisberg and Weissberg. Florence often changes her age to appear younger than her actual age. 

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