Friday, August 10, 2012

Surname Saturday - Alford

My father’s family tree has roots that stretch back to the Alford family. The very best source for information about the Alfords is the Alford American FamilyAssociation. For 25 years this group has been sharing scholarly research with others. If you have connections with this name you will benefit from a visit to their website.

Ancestors in my direct Alford line:
John Alford (1687 in VA – 1730 in VA)
James Alford (1687 in VA – 1730 in VA), 4 children including…
Julius Alford 91717 in VA – 1771 in NC) & Lucy Newton, 7 children including…
Jacob Alford (1761 in NC – 1824 in LA), 9 children including…
Edwin Barksdale Alford (1792 in NC – 1878 in MS) & Martha P Smith, 13 children including…
Martha Elizabeth Alford (1846 in MS – after 1910) & Jessie Alexander Brumfield, 8 children including…
Rose Ella Brumfield (1867 in MS – 1948 in MS) & Jasper Pascal Brown, 9 children
Check my website for more details & sources: Our Leaves & Branches.

Selected Sources
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  1. Not my family, but you are providing a wonderful service to other Alford researchers with your list of sources.


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