Friday, February 8, 2013

Follow Friday - State by State Genealogy

I recently made my first visit to GenealogyBlog & Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website by Jim Sanders. Jim is an amateur genealogist and an Information Technology professional. I found more than just nuggets of information. He shares many Connecticut resources but he does not limit himself to that one state.

On January 1 Jim posted this:

This year I thought I’d offer my readers a weekly blogging prompt. Each week the blog post will focus on a particular state. The post can be about a particular individual or family who lived in or was connected in some way to that state. Sometimes there will not be a personal connection to the state. In this case find a genealogy resource for that state to talk about and highlight instead. Follow along with this series and post to your own site. If you choose to follow along, please link to ( or mention the Hidden Genealogy Nuggets website.

I have followed along blogs that posted alphabetical prompts; seasonal prompts; etc. but never saw one that was focusing on location. This is a super idea. We may be looking for different people but our locations might be the same. I am always looking for new resources for the states, counties & towns where my families lived.

Visit ‘Genealogy by the States’. Learn more & share your location links. The more we pool our information and ‘genealogy nuggets’ the more we all benefit. Thanks, Jim, for this suggestion!

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