Sunday, February 17, 2013

Genealogy Fun

RandySeaver at Gena-Musings inspired this post. He challenges us to post signs that we have Genealogy OCD. He wrote:

1) Read Michael John Neill's post 10 Signs YouHave Genealogy OCD (come on, give Michael some link love) and the comments too (I know it's an old post, we did this in 2011 too!).

2) Make up any number of sentences that will add to his list of signs that you have Genealogy OCD. From one to many, no limit! Be creative!!

3) Share your ingenuity and humor with us in your own blog post, in Comments to this post, in comments to Michael's post, or in a comment on Google Plus or Facebook.

Here are my contributions:

When you hear about a big storm coming your way, you back up all your computers; move your documents to water proof boxes and load your family memorabilia [rather than first aid supplies and bottled water] into your car in case you have to flee.

Your exercise routine includes walking cemeteries and you can’t understand why there isn’t an app to tell you how many calories that burns.

You have more binders, folders, index cards, highlighters, and other office supplies than an office supply store.

The photos in your wallet are not your children, but your dead ancestors.

You have your local archives, library and court house on speed dial.

Your Christmas newsletter is filled with the doings of family members, long gone.

Relax, write your own & add them to Randy’s site.


Margel said...

But from the looks of your desk, you are an organized genealogist with OCD. I wish I was. I should post a photo of my designated genealogy room overflowing with boxes that need to be organized.

Wendy said...

Excellent! I still have a bunch of stuff in plastic bags inside a plastic bin from a hurricane over 5 years ago. LOL

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Margel, If you look at the big picture it is too intimidating. Pick one small type of materials to sort & organize. That'll make you feel good & will inspire you to do another portion of documents or books or photos.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Maybe you know of something headed our way?? ha!