Thursday, March 27, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday – Belleek from Ireland

My New Year’s resolution for genealogy is to photograph and label the family treasures in our house. I want our children to know something about these treasures when we are no longer here to remind them where each candlestick and teapot and bowl have come from.

 Belleek Bowl

It is March and the sun is shining in our back porch and the right time to begin. So I took my camera and some delicate Belleek pieces out to the sunshine for photographs.

This three footed bowl, probably a sugar bowl, has the ‘Third Mark’ on the bottom showing that it was made between 1926 & 1946. I have been searching on the internet to find more details about the Belleek pieces I have inherited. I hope to discover more about this small bowl.

This bowl was owned by my great aunt, Kathleen G Coyle. I am sure she bought each of her Belleek pieces during her visits to Ireland to visit her Mullane family.

Belleek Marks

This is a poster I photographed when I visited the Belleek Store in Ireland in 2012. 
It shows the various marks that help to date their pieces.

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Wendy said...

I have started photographing our family treasures too but I have not attached the stories. Another job for the to-do list!

Does "Third Mark" align with one of the marks in the poster?

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Yes, the various 'marks' are on the poster with the years. That's how I learned how old some of the pieces are.

Wendy, there are always more things on the TO Do list! ha!

Nancy said...

Your bowl is beautiful an so is the photograph. I don't know anything about Belleek. Is it pottery and if so, mold or hand-thrown? It must still be being made since you went to a Belleek store.

After you photograph and label all the family treasures, you can combine all your posts about them and have your own "museum guide" for the treasures. It's a great idea to mark and photograph -- one I should adopt.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Nancy, I have many more things to photograph & document. Have to keep going to fulfill my resolution.
Belleek is delicate pottery from Ireland, each hand blown & hand decorated. I will be posting a couple more Treasure Chest Thursdays about Belleek & the pieces I have inherited.