Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Postcard to my Brothers

Dear Brothers,

Merry Christmas! I am looking forward to seeing you and your families in a few days. It is always fun to celebrate our ‘Brown Family Christmas’ together. Of course, when we were younger we celebrated on December 25th beginning with presents under the tree alongside our parents and a big dinner with our extended family. Now we share Christmas with our own families and set another date for our Brown family Christmas. The holiday would not be the same if we did not get a chance to visit with and tease each other.  We will crowd around a busy kitchen and get in the way of whoever is cooking. There won’t be enough room on the table for all the food & we will have to improvise something for one more chair. You will all be annoyed with me for taking millions of pictures & there will be toys wherever we want to step. In general we will do our best to act like four siblings who love each other.

See you soon,

Your favorite [only!] Sister

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