Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Postcard to my Cousins,

Merry Christmas! Do you remember our mothers putting us in special new clothes & bundling us in heavy coats & hats for our trip through the snow? I remember my mother saying we could only take one new toy with us when the family dinner was at your house. It was a hard decision. Do you remember playing with our toys in my bedroom so our brothers would not bother us? I remember our mothers cutting up bits of turkey for the littlest of us and helping all of us into our chairs around a crowded table. The meal was always delicious. Do you remember watching Christmas shows on television and asking for a piece of pie & a piece of cake? We don’t always see each other on Christmas now. We are busy with our own children and grandchildren. But when we do see each other it is like the calendar has been turned backwards and we are just cousins having fun.

I’ll be thinking of you on Christmas! Love, Colleen

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  1. I hope your cousins are reading this and are smiling as they recall those precious days.


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