Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine Weddings

Valentine Day Weddings

14 February 1942 in Mississippi
Sylvia Rayleen Brown & Jessie Miles Hall

Sylvia was my half aunt; my father’s half-sister. She was something of a family secret who I did not learn about until I was an adult. She was a wonderful, warm person and I’m glad we had opportunities to connect, both in Mississippi and here in New York.

14 February 1953 in Ohio
William Thomas Zengler & Kathryn Isabel Waidman

Jessie was my 2nd cousin, 22x removed. We are related through John Franklin & Elizabeth (Burkholder) Wolf. 


  1. Very Romantic. Was Roy Jesse Brown twice married?

  2. Yes. There was just Rayleen from the first marriage. Later, Roy moved to Ohio where he met & married my grandmother. They had seven children.


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