Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time to Write: Finished Writing!

 Back in October, I started posting about ‘Time to Write.’ My research about my mother’s family had reached a point where I needed to write it up. Months have passed with many hours devoted to writing, formatting and editing. Several blog posts have reported on my progress along the way. At last the editing is done. My daughter and I printed out the final draft, decided we liked the appearance and saved the book onto a flash drive.

I contacted Troy Book Makers who published ‘The Mark Family Story’ which I wrote a few years ago.  I have an appointment to take my flash drive and talk about printing ‘Remembrances.’  Going to their offices in the old red brick building in historic Troy, NY makes me feel like a ‘real’ author. I am looking forward to the date.


  1. How exciting, Colleen, Congratulations. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of the final product.

  2. Yes, please show a photo of the finished book. What an accomplishment. Being a blogger, you're already a real author! You've already written more words in your years of blogging than some authors write in a lifetime :)

  3. Did I just hear a big sigh of relief? Congratulations on finishing this project.

  4. It must feel so good to have completed such a big project! It will be even more exciting when you hold the printed copy in your hands! How exciting!


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