Sunday, October 2, 2016

Census Sunday: Dillons of Pike County, MS

This census report is full of information. On two pages there is a long list of Dillon family members, three brothers & their sons. I don't have them all connected up yet but hope to do so.

1850 US Census,
 MS, Pike, Police District 2;

Clarkson Dillon65 b NC; farmer $600; son of Richard Dillon & Anne Lawrence
Sarah                          64 b SC
Richard                       30 b MS          farm hand
James J                       27 b MS          farm hand
Adaline                       21 b MS
Mary                           19 b MS

Thomas E Dillon, 44 b SC; farmer $300; How is Thomas related?
Elizabeth                    42 b SC
Ancil G.                        16 b NC          student
Clarkston                    15 b MS          farm hand
Martha                       10 b MS
Clauncy                      8 b MS          
Sally                            4 b MS
Mary                           1 b MS
Willis                           14 b MS

Theophilous Dillon50 b SC; farmer $3,500; son of Richard Dillon & Anne Lawrence
Margaret                    42 b MS
John P.                       26 b MS        farm hand
Willis R.                     6 b MS          farm hand
Narsend H (f)              9 b MS

Leroy Dillon, 32 b MS; farmer; Is Leroy a son of Theophilous?
Margania                    24 b LA
Holden P                    11 b MS
Mary M                       5 b MS
Nancy                         3 b MS
Harvey W                   1 b MS

Willis Dillon67 b SC; farmer; son of Richard Dillon & Anne Lawrence
Mary Dillon                67 b SC          
Magdaline Dillon       22 b MS
John Irvin                   20 b MS          farm hand

Rumson Dillon, 25 b MS; farmer; Son of Willis Dillon
Elizabeth                    20 b MS
James S                       7 b MS
Candace                     5 b MS
Franklin                      3 b MS

Warren Irvin             23 b LA           farmer
Labon Dillon              21 b MS          farmer; son of Willis Dillon

Joel P. Dillon               25 b MS; How is Joel related?
Harriet                        23 b MS
John T.                          2 b MS


  1. Dara, you can find lots of fun graphics on image chef. You can add any text. I use the free options. Give it a try.

  2. These "clusters" of Dillon definitely makes it easier to find them. Hopefully, connecting them will be just as rewarding.


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