Sunday, October 16, 2016

Census Sunday: Fortenberry in LA & MS

William Jackson Fortenberry
5 Dec 1853 MS – 3 Mar 1928 MS
Canolia A. Simmons
12 Aug 1858 MS – 7 Feb 1925 MS

I have many Fortenberry/Fortinberry family members in my tree, including more than a dozen Williams. That makes it a bit tricky to tell them apart when I find a William Fortenberry in a record. Of course, dates help to sort them out but not completely. Thankfully, William Jackson Fortenberry married a woman with an unusual name, Canolia. I have not seen this name anywhere else. Her name made it easier to be sure I had the correct census reports.

1900 US Census, MS, Pike; SD 7, ED 104, Sheet 21;
William Fortenberry, 46 b Dec 1853 MS; farmer; married 1877
Canolia E., 42 b Aug 1858 MS; m other of 12/ 11 living
Lilia P, 21 b Feb 1879 MS; teacher
Andrew J., 29 b Aug 1880 MS; farming
Myrtis J., 18 b Apr 1882 MS; at school
Sarah L., 14 b Sep 1885 MS
Furman E., 13 b June 1886 MS; farm laborer
Urial V., 12 b Mch 1888 MS; farm laborer
Burrel S., 9 b July 1890 MS; farm laborer
Mittie T., 5 b July 1894 MS; at school
Henry G., 3 b Sept 1896 MS
Charley L., 2 b July 1898 MS
Jossie L., 8/12 b Nov 1899 MS

1910 US Census, LA, Tangipahoa, Ward 1; Railroad Avenue;
William J Fortenberry, 55 b MS; hotel keeper
Canolia A., 55 b MS; hotel housekeeper
Andrew J., 30 b MS, son; physician general practice
Victoria, 26 b MS; daughter in law
Sheldon, 3 b MS; grandson
Sarah, 24 b MS, daughter; teacher
Victor E., 22 b MS, son; salesman pharmacy
Mittie Lee, 16 b MS, daughter
Henry Glenn, 14 b MS, son
Charles L., 12 b MS, son
Jimmie Wanzil, 7 b MS, daughter
+servant & several boarders

1920 US Census, MS, Pike, Beat I; Simmonsville; ED 99, SD 7;
W J Fortenberry, 66 b MS; farmer
Nola, 61 b MS
Victor, 32 b MS; farm manager
Sheldon, 30 b MS, partner in farm
Glen, 23 b MS; partner in farm
Lane, 21 b MS; partner in farm
Wanzie, 16 b MS
Lena Varnado, 21 b MS, servant

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  1. Yes, those unique names does make it easy.

  2. Thank goodness for the Canolias of the world! I would love to trade a name like that for a Mary and Elizabeth or two in my line!


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