Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Presidential Relatives

I am not aware of any US Presidents in my family tree.
 However, that did not stop my family from naming their sons after our presidents.
Besides having several George Washingtons we have these famous names.

Thomas Jefferson
was the 3rd US President. He lived 1743 – 1826.

Thomas Jefferson Brumfield     1884- 1950   son of James Monroe Brumfield & Sarah Prescott

Thomas Jefferson Futch     1830 – 1914 husband of Mary Elizabeth Fortenberry

Thomas Jefferson Mark      1840 – 1863   son of Abraham Mark & Mary Isabella Heffelfinger.            Killed in the Civil War.

James Monroe
was the 5th US President. He lived 1758 – 1831.

James Monroe Brumfield     1843 – 1899 son of J. K. Brumfield & Hannah Youngblood.
          His brother was George Washington Brumfield.

James Monroe Brumfield     1854 – 1896 son of Isaac N. Brumfield & Sarah J Smith

James Monroe Fortenberry   b 1877     son of Thomas B Fortenberry & Gabriella Sanders

James Monroe Ott               1886 – 1951 son of William W. Ott & Sarah Euseba Ellzey

Andrew Jackson
was the 7th US President. He lived 1767 – 1845.

Andrew Jackson Alford        1866 – 1944 son of Jeptha J. Alford

Andrew Jackson Andrews     1837 – 1914 husband of Susan Lucinda Brumfield

Andrew Jackson Andrews     b 1876          son of Andrew Jackson Andrews

Andrew Jackson Brumfield    1830 – 1885 son of J K Brumfield & Hannah Brumfield

Andrew Jackson Fortenberry   1880 – 1956 son of William J Fortenberry & Canolia Simmons

Woodrow Wilson
was the 28th US President. He lived 1856 – 1924.

Woodrow Wilson Fortenberry                      son of William E. Fortenberry & Nora

Woodrow Wilson Simmons        1918 – 1996 son of William Archie Simmons & Lillian Alford

Do you have any presidents in your tree?


Marian B. Wood said...

Wow, this is a good idea for a blog post. Yes, my hubby's family has some presidential names too! Plus as a Mayflower descendant, he's distantly related to FDR and to Zachary Taylor. My grandsons were interested to find that out.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Wow. We just have the names but you have the family line. Of course, your grandsons are interested!