Monday, November 6, 2017

George Washington in Our Family

George Washington lived 1732 – 1799. My family is not related to our first president. However, we do have several members named after George Washington. Our first president must have been a hero to these families.

George Washington Brumfield        1830 – 1865 son of J K Brumfield & H Youngblood

George Washington Cutrer              1899 – 1977 son of Isaac Omer Cutrer & F Smith

George Washington Fortenberry    1842 – 1910 son of C K Fortenberry & N Simmons

George Washington Mark                1878 – 1938 son of William Mark & Elidia R Ritter

George Washington Simmons          b 1820        son of Willis Simmons & Jane Goslin

George Washington Westmoreland            1832 – 1906     husband of Adeline J Brown

George Washington Wolf                 1842 – 1920 son of Frederick Wolf & Louisa Goetz


  1. You can definitely brag that George Washington slept here.

  2. I'd say you have more than a few family members named after George Washington! I find it amazing that you have so many.

  3. The fact that most were pre-1880 shows the families had a high regard for our founding Fathers, I bet there are Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Franklin and others.

    1. Yes, there were as future posts will show. Also Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.


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