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133 Years Ago: Wedding of John J. Brumfield & Eliza Lee, 1888 MS

Married 8 November 1888

I love the descriptions of the bride in the report. She was a "perfect blonde".  Of course, the groom was handsome and elegantly attired. 

John J. Brumfield

11 July 1865 MS – 11 January 1940

Son of: Joseph Warren Brumfield & Courtney Jane Simmons



Eliza Lee

8 February 1868 MS – 28 October 1935

Daughter of: F. M. Lee


Married – Thursday Nov 8, 1888, by Mr. J. M. Tate at the residence of the bride’s father Mr. F. M. Lee, Mr. J. J. Brumfield to Miss Eliza Lee. The bride never looked more lovely in her life. Her trousseau was beautiful, she is a perfect blonde and a queen could not have appeared to a better advantage. The groom was handsome, elegantly attired and appeared that he fully appreciated the jewel he had won. The nuptial ceremony by Mr. Tate was solemn his language emphatic and his manner graceful. The relatives and a few friends of the family constituted the guests. The room in which the ceremony took place was carefully arranged in fact every thing was apropos to the occasion. The company retired to the supper that had been prepared skillful hands and the viands [items of food] were not  only in great abundance but of all the most delicate quality. After all had partaken of the feast the young people whiled the time away by various amusements until the “wee small hours” when most of the guests left for their homes, pronouncing their benediction on Mr. and Mrs. Lee for the hospitable manner in which they had been entertained. 


The groom’s father, Maj. Joe Brumfield gave a reception Friday the 9ththe happy couple and the reception was in no way particular inferior to the wedding. Every thing about the table was in perfect order and the most fastidious would have been pleased.  Mrs. Brumfield has a happy way of making every one feel at home. These marriage festivities remind one of antebellum times, when the tables groaned under the edibles and the aristocracy revealed in luxury. 


Source: Married. (Magnolia, MS: The Magnolia Gazette, 17 Nov. 1888) 3; digital image, accessed March 2021.

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