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Military Service: Brumfield Brothers, War of 1812


Sergeant William Brumfield

1790 York, SC – 1868 Washington Parish, LA


Corporal Willis Brumfield

23 Jul 1794 York, SC - 16 Oct 1833 Washington Parish, LA


Private Davis Brumfield

1 Jan 1795 York, SC - 23 Apr 1863 Pike Co., MS


Private Charles Brumfield

1 Jan 1796 York, SC - 29 Jul 1870 Yazoo, MS


Corporal Ridley Brumfield 

b 1798 York, SC 


Sons of John Brumfield & Margaret Kelly





During the War of 1812, Louisiana supplied 7,491 infantry men, 988 cavalrymen, 163 artillery men, and 1,045 men in miscellaneous troops for a total of 9,687 men.[i] While the youngest sons of John and Margaret were toddlers, the older sons served in the war. Five of John’s sons served. Sergeant William Brumfield, Corporal Willis Brumfield, Private Davis Brumfield, Private Charles Brumfield and Corporal Ridley Brumfield all served in the 12/13 Consolidated Regiment of the Louisiana Militia.[ii] Fortunately all five of the brothers returned home safely after the war. However, those brothers were not safe from the effects of war. In the future their sons would also take up rifles to defend their homes.


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