Friday, April 28, 2023

Vintage Photo: Emily Benner Morrison

Vintage photographs are treasures. I wonder about the life of the photographs themselves. How many people have owned the photograph? Has it been in a silver frame & displayed proudly? Has it been tucked away in a wooden box full of memories? What would the photographer think of this image enduring for decades?

 Emily Benner Morrison

13 Sep 1839 OH - 1908 OH

Wife of William Hiram Morrison

Photo from Carole Morrison

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  1. I have never thought about the history of an actual photograph--where it was stored or displayed or who owned it first, second, third, etc. I have thought about the photographer preparing the camera, interacting with the one being photographed, whether there was conversation, if they were laughing just before the photograph was taken, etc. I so often wish I could go back and be a fly on the wall or a mouse in the corner....
    Emily looks very serious in this photo. I especially admire her narrow waist (probably so tiny witht the help of a corset?).

    1. Nancy, I have thought about that too. ha! Did Emily want to look so serious or did the photographer coax her to be serious? Sometimes people look grumpy in older photographs but maybe the occasion of a formal photograph called for a serious look, no smiles allowed.


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