Wednesday, May 3, 2023

50th Anniversary, Alford, 3 May 1944 MS

 This couple had their picture on the front page of the newspaper to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. That was back in 1944. 

James Barney Alford

b 1871 MS
Son of Barnabas Seaborn Alford & Anna Rebecca Norman


Ettie Warner

8 October 1871 MS - 26 May 1945 MS

The McComb Enterprise
McComb, MS, 2 May 1944, page 1


  1. I have used details found in wedding announcements to piece together details about a wedding, when no other record has been found. Great find!

  2. You can find all sorts of useful info in the papers. 50th anniversaries were quite common, depending on where they lived. Great find. :)


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