Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Salute to our Soldiers

My uncle has been honored in the City of Hudson, Columbia County, NY.  You may have seen flags like this in the places. He is a 'Hometown Hero". I am very proud of my uncle and the many other soldiers in our family. 

20 Sept. 1930 OH - 26 Oct 2017 NY
US Air Force 
My Uncle 

Leo was in the Air Force from December 1950 to December 1954. On 28 December 1950 the Times – Union newspaper in Albany, New York reported that “the largest number of volunteers to be processed by the U. S. Army and U. S. Air Force recruiting station since World War II will ship out of Albany to service camps and stations throughout the nation.”  The long list of men, including “Leo D. Brown, Stockport,” left Albany that day. A very dark photograph accompanied the newspaper article which showed the men standing in front of the Albany Federal Building.[i]

Cover of photo album

A small photo album has this brief history about the group Leo served with on Okinawa:


The 430th, well known throughout the Orient as ‘Far East’s Finest’, was activated on 8 March 1949, and was designated at that time the 1311th Military Police Company (Aviation).  Since the date of activation, men of the 430th have contributed greatly to the growth and development of Kadena Air Base, and to the growth and influx of American Culture on Okinawa. The Air Police have one of the most important missions in the Air Force. The prevention of crime, guard duty, recovering lost and stolen property, regulation of traffic, enforcement of laws and regulations are among the requirements and capabilities of this unit. Supporting combat aircraft based on Okinawa, the 430th is responsible for guarding this striking force. The men who walk their posts, night after night, present a significant contribution to the Korean operation. The Air Policeman is often subjected to the elements of nature. The operations of this organization accelerate during the tropical typhoon season when the preservation of life and property is of primary concern.  Responsibilities are great, and require the utmost in intelligence and physical stamina. The excellent performance of the mission, the morale and military bearing has promoted only in the highest in esteem for the men of the 430th Air Police Squadron.  The 430th truly ‘sets the pace’ on Kadena.



Leo D. Brown (man in center, sitting in jeep)

[i] Sixty Enlistees Ready, Leave Albany Today (Albany, NY: Times – Union 28 Dec 1950); digital image, accessed Aug 2022. 

         Leo's brothers, Larry L. Brown & Robert A. Brown also served in the armed forces. 

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  1. How wonderful! Are those up for Veteran's Day? How lucky you are to have a photo of him, during his time of service! :)


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