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Revolutionary War Soldiers & Compiled Service Records

Johann Jonas Wolf b. 1739 in PA; d. 1787 in York County, PA
Johannes served in the York County, PA Militia. In 1787 he served in the 6th Battalion, 5th Company as 2nd Lieutenant. In 1779 he served in the 7th Battalion, 8th Company as 1st Lieutenant. In both instances his Captain was Peter Ekes.  He served again from 1781 - 1782 with the York County Militia, guarding Camp Security, a prisoner of war camp.

Johannes Ritter, Senior b. 1743 in Bucks County, PA; d. 1816 in Mifflin County, PA
He served in the Lancaster County Militia.

Casper Ritter b. 1749 Northampton County, PA; d. 1822 Lehigh County, PA
He served in the Northampton County Militia. He was in the 4th Battalion.

Casper Ritter b. 1741 in Bucks County, PA; d. 1822 in PA
He served in the Northampton County Militia as a Corporal.

Martin Ritter b. 1749 Bucks County, PA; d. 1827 in Lehigh County. PA
He served in the Northampton County Militia. he was a Sergeant in the 2nd Battalion.

Note: Johannes, Martin & Casper (b. 1741) were brothers, sons of Heinrich Ritter. Casper (1747), son of Casper Ritter (b. 1720),  was their first cousin.

I plan to go to the National Archives in Washington, DC soon to obtain the Compiled Service Records for these family members. I would like to discover the history of the companies they served in to get a clear idea of battles they fought in. If anyone knows where I can find that information please contact me. A good place to look for your Revolutionary War ancestor is the Daughters of the American Revolution website. IF you find your ancestor you can be sure the proper documentation has been filed to prove his service. You can also find his genealogy. It will show the lineage from the soldier to the person who filed to be a DAR. If you do not find you ancestor there, it does not mean he did not serve. It just means no one has yet filed with the DAR to prove his service.

Prowell, George R. History of York County, Pennsylvania. Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co, 1907.
This book includes 'Rolls of Associators and Militia' and the name Wolf appears many times. At this time they cannot all be proved to be linked to our family tree.

The data in this blog post may not contain the most recent research.

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