Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Family Brithdays, February 1 - 15

Francis & Milton Weissberg
1 February    1787    Nancy PERKINS was the second wife of Moses Brown. His first wife, Sarah ROBERTSON, died in 1810 in Georgia. She had four children. She was my 4th great grandmother. Nancy had seven children, 4 daughters and 3 sons.
        1861    Euseba Fortenberry REGAN
        1884    Clara Estella WOLF
2 February    1805    Christian BROWN
        1842    Samuel RITTER
        1853    Samuel WOLF
        1856    Sarah Euseba Elizabeth ELLZEY
        1906    Otera PIERCE
        1915    Francis WEISBERG was born in Buffalo, New York, the son of Frank Samuel Weisberg & Florence Gartner. He was my first cousin, once removed.  He was a furniture salesman at one time. Late in life he moved to Florida.

3 February    1717    Maria Magdalena WOLF
        1792    Jacob RITTER
        1924    Harold Jay NEE was born in Ohio, the son of Roy Edward Nee and Isabell Esther Mark. He and his wife, Pauline, had four children.  He served in the US Army during World War II.

4 February    1932    Dick Alvin PARKER was born in Ohio, the son of Ralph Alvin Parker & Nellie Irene Jolliff. Dick and his wife, Bonita, had three children.

5 February    1810    Sarah BROWN was born in Georgia, daughter of Moses BROWN and Sarah ROBERTSON. She married Gasua Chapman Fortenberry. They had nine children. Sarah died in 1883 in Mississippi.
        1890    Harvey Allen RITTER
        1899    Nellie Lavinia MESSMORE
        1928    Donald Ray BROPHY

6 February    1886    Edward MESSMORE
        1936    Loyal David NOTHSTEIN
        1925    James Joseph COYLE was born in Connecticut, son of James Joseph Coyle & Madeline Herbst. He married Barbara Kozlak. They had three children.

7 February    1777    Moses BROWN was one of eight children of Edward BROWN. He died 27 February 1838 in Mississippi. He was my 4th great grandfather.
        1828    Aderine Mary FAULK
        1857    Barbary Ann RITTER
        1880    James Benton MARK
        1884    Lulu Mabel HAWK

8 February    1775    Johan Jonas WOLF
1887    Catherine MULLANE was born in Ireland, was one of twelve children of Daniel Mullane and Brigid English. 
        1890    Roger T. ELLZEY

9 February    1819    Margaret BRUMFIELD was born in Louisiana, daughter of Willis BRUMFIELD and Nancy Virginia HOLMES. She married John Seaborn ALFORD, son of Jacob ALFORD and Frances SEABORN.
        1920    Virginia Caroline MOORE

10 February    1891    Infant Girl ALFORD was born in Mississippi, the 12th child of Needham Edwin ALFORD & Mary Luzina Stafford. The baby died on the day she was born.
        1905    Homer Grant SHEETS

11 February    1828    Henrietta C. RITTER
1883    Emaline Floy MOORE was born in Ohio, daughter of Peter Jonathan Moore & Caroline Louise Gruissy. On 14 February 1901 she married Arther Spice.

12 February    1773    Adam WOLF
        1797    Jonas MOYER
        1825    Hollis Horton FORTENBERRY
        1877    William M. MARK
        1896    Earnest T. ELLZEY
        1938    Peggy BROWN was the daughter of Hubert Allen BROWN & Freddie SMITH. She married George Alford. She was my father’s first cousin.
13 February    1840    William Franklin FORTENBERRY was born in Mississippi, son of Gasua Chapman Fortenberry & Sarah Brown.  He married Mariah B. Hall. He was known as ‘Black Frank’.
        1852    H. K. FORTENBERRY
        1872    Bernard COYLE
        1895    Ralph William WOLF

14 February    1804    George KRICK
1811    Eliza SMITH was born in Mississippi, one of thirteen children of Jeremiah SMITH & Joanna DILLON.  She died 6 April 1837, at the age of 26.
        1860    Salena Lena BLADES
        1910    Margaret Mary BRADY

15 February    1839    Jesse A. BRUMFIELD
        1879    Lemuel Q. FORTENBERRY
        1904    Effie Margaret CARTER was born in Ohio, daughter of Frank CARTER & Sadie MAPES. She married James Everett MARK on 31 December 1924. They had 11 children.
        1905    Floy Alma SPICE

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