Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Family Brithdays, February 16 - 29

Larry Lee Brown
16 February    1833    Benjamin Franklin WOLF
        1860    Mary Jane NEE
        1937    Larry Lee BROWN was born in Ohio, fifth child of Roy Jesse BROWN & Ivy MARK.  He married Dorothy ENGEL. Larry served during the Korean War. He was my godfather & paternal uncle.

17 February    1743    Johannes RITTER Sr.
        1897    Harrison Edward WOLF
        1906    Julia Agnes BRADY
        1924    Wilma Lucille SMITH was born in Mississippi, daughter of Denny Herbert SMITH & Mavis Marie BROWN. She married Henry Buhler. They had four children.

18 February    1812    Heinrich RITTER in Pennsylvania
        1840    John Gazie FORTENBERRY
        1877    James Monroe FORTENBERRY
        1910    Martha Olivia MINTER was the daughter of Luther MINTER & Clara Estella WOLF. She married John Alton WOLFORD.

19 February    1852    Thomas Benton FORTENBERRY
1912    Thelma Corine WILSON was the daughter of Thomas Clarence WILSON & Euna Clarabelle FORTENBERRY. She married George AMACKER. They had five children.

20 February    1751    Heinrich Wilhelm RITTER
        1912    Otis Charles MASSIE
        1924    Luther Felder CUTRER
        1925    Walter Frank WILSON

21 February    1809    Elizabeth RITTER was born in Pennsylvania, daughter of Martin RITTER and Anna Margaret BOGERT.
        1862    Isabella Ketura NEE

22 February    1846    Mariah B. HALL
1906    Mary Thelma ELLZEY was born in Mississippi, daughter of William ELLZEY & Amanda FORTENBERRY. She married Roy Jesse Brown. They had one daughter.

23 February    1880    Alfred C. PFEIFER married Emma Jane MARK, daughter of William MARK & Elidia Rebecca RITTER. He died 8 April 1968.
        1939    Janice MORRIS

24 February    1853    Mary Catherine RITTER was born in Ohio, daughter of Isaac RITTER and Isabell FISHER. She married Henry MILLER on 15 June 1870. They had nine children.
        1859    Newton FORTENBERRY
        1872    Elizabeth BRELAND
        1873    Margaret Lewella WOLF

25 February    1881    Julius Walter SMITH
1937    Laurie Carolyn FORTENBERRY was the daughter of Duviox B. FORTENBERRY & Gussie ALFORD. She married Arthur TRIBBLE, Jr. Their three children: Shauen, Gregory & Laurie.
26 February    1763    Elisabeth ROHN married Johann Daniel RITTER, son of Casper RITTER & Anna Maria. Elisabeth & Johann had one son, Jonathan RITTER.
        1868    Matilda Catherine GRUISSY
        1902    Elmer FORTENBERRY
        1902    Ethan James TIMOTHY

27 February    1766    Elizabeth RITTER
        1838    William Jackson FORTENBERRY
        1877    Maria Bart CUTRER was the daughter of Hiram CUTRER & Sarah Jane FORTENBERRY.
        1888    William Franklin ELLZEY
        1908    Thelma Lady BROWN was born in Mississippi
        1926    Janet Irene MILLER

28 February    1836    Emma WOLF
        1850    Mary O. BILBO
        1854    Margaret Sarah WOLF
        1886    Mary Jeanette MARK was one of 12 children of William MARK & Elidia Rebeccca RITTER.  She married John SHAW. She died in a tragic car accident in 1940. Mary and John had one daughter, Olive Margaret SHAW.
        1888    Little B. THORNHILL

29 February    1916    James Lemar SIMMONS was the son of Jesse Lama SIMMONS & Edith BRUMFIELD. He married Odean Ellzey.
        1920    Agnes Marie HEIGLE

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