Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ancestor Anniversaries, November 2 - 13

Some of our family members were married in November. Maybe you were too.

2 November 1902     George Howard Alford & Mayme Indiana Simmons. George and Mayme were born in MS. They were married about 47 years.

2 November 1950     Glenn Rollin Mark & Eva Lena Mosley. They were married in California. They had one daughter.

5 November 1934     Otis Charles Massie & Ethel Elizabeth Good. Otis and Ethel were both born in Ohio. They had three children.

6 November 1781     Jacob Balliet & Barbara Ritter. They had three children.

6 November 1856     John Franklin Wolf & Caroline Orwig. John was married twice. Caroline was his second wife. They were married in Wayne Co., OH. They had one daughter. John was a stone mason.

6 November 1873     James Custer & Susan Wolf [daughter of John Franklin Wolf & Elisabeth Burkholder]. They were married in Wayne Co., OH.

6 November 1886     William Shirley & Eliza J Wolf [daughter of John W S Wolf & Elizabeth Jane Anderson]. They were married in Wayne Co., OH.

6 November 1936     John Wortman & Ruth Grace Hurd [daughter of Roy Hurd & Mona D Morrison]. This couple had three children.

7 November 1925     Lynn Elias Blades [son of Wiley Blades & Elizabeth Breland] & Otera Pierce. They had five children.

9 November 1895     Michael Coyle [son of Patrick Coyle & Margaret Brady] & Mary Josephine Mullane [daughter of Daniel Mullane & Brigid English. Michael & Mary Jo were both born in Ireland. They met and married in New York City. Michael was a baker. They had seven children. Their oldest daughter was my maternal grandmother.

11 November 1939    Roy Lawrence Steele & Annabelle Louise Rowlee [daughter of Karl Clayton Rowlee & Florence Vera Morrison]. They had one daughter.

13 November 1848    Isaac Ritter [son of Johannes Ritter, Sr. & Anna Mariah] & Isabell Fisher [daughter of John & Catherine Fisher]. They married in Plain Twp., Wayne, OH. Isaac & Isabell had twelve children. Isaac was a carpenter. 


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