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Thanks to Adrianne Fortenberry Criminger and G. K. Fortinberry we have wonderful, well researched books on this family. They were the first family history books I ever read and I was greatly impressed by the immense amount of information included. Just holding the hardcover copy of Adrianne Fortenberry Criminger's book inspired me to find out more about my father’s family and to dream of writing my own book. This family, that has been in the USA long before it became a country, includes Revolutionary War & Civil War soldiers, farmers & preachers.

G. K. Fortinberry wrote:

"The first pair as we know it, was William Fortinberry,1776-Feb. 1, 1842 and Violett Kennington, 1786-May 18, 1858. They had a beautiful romance which never gave out. On their honeymoon, they traveled in an ox-wagon from Lancaster, South Carolina about 1812 to southern climes and found contentment in hard work and rearing a large family. From that union, our grand-sires emanated, 10 in actual count."

This surname can also be seen as Fortinberry & Falukenberry.
My father’s Fortenberry family could be found in South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana. 

Fortenberry Names in my Direct Line:

· Jacob Faulkenberry bc 1715

· John Faulkenberry b 1740; married Hannah Hubanks; 6 children

· William Jasper Fortenberry c 1772 – 1842; married Violette Kennington; 10 children

· William J Fortenberry 1814 – 1896; married Elizabeth Martha Ann Cutrer; 10 children

· Amanda Adarene Fortenberry 1865 – 1949; married William S Ellzey; 10 children

A few Fortenberry Resources:

· Conerly, Luke Ward and E. Russ Williams. Source records From Pike County, Mississippi 1798 – 1910. South Carolina: Southern Historical Press, 1989.

· •Criminger, Adrianne Fortenberry. The Fortenberry Families of Southern Mississippi. South Carolina: Southern Historical Press, 1984.

· •Fortinberry, G. K. Abstract History of the Fortinberry Family. Privately Printed. 1942. Family History Center microfilm #1036152.


  1. Hello, My name is Tim Fortenberry and this is my direct line of descendants as well. My Great Grandfather was Adolphus Newton Fortenberry, his father was Alfred Gazie Fortenberry, his father was Alfred Fortenberry (son of William & Violette). Currently in my research I am trying to locate photos of any of these men and/or their families. I have a particular interest in Rev. Alfred Gazie Fortenberry was a minister in the Walthall area sometime in the 1930s. Any suggestions for locating his church for a possible photo or any other places ? Many Many thanks for this wonderful information on your page. (I live in Dallas, TX)

    1. Tim, hello cousin! It is super to hear from you. This is why I started blogging; to find others who connect to the family. What is the best way for us to communicate? My email is cgbp [at]
      Just change the [at] of course.

    2. Hello,
      I just came across this site by doing a google research on the Fortenberry family history.
      I am the great-great great grand-daughter to Rev. Alfred Gazie Fortenberry,His daughter Cynthia Fortenberry Stogner was my Great-Great grandmother.He became a ordain minister at the Carson Springs Baptist Church in Improve,MS.on March 10th 1907 and he was the founder of the Central Baptist Church in Pine,La many years ago. I would like to talk to either one of you. I live in Marion County, Mississippi.

    3. Ladett, Let's talk. Please send your email or other contact info.

  2. Hi There! I am just now seeing this message!! Please email me at: I would love to speak with you. Ladett there are now photos of Rev. Alfred Gazie and his entire family!! Have you seen them ? Please Please email me!

  3. I was a member of Cenrtral Missionary Baptist Church when I was a kid and went there again in the 1970's. There is a photo of Eld. Fortenberry hanging on a wall in the sanctaury. I recall when I was about 8 and the church was in the old building that was built in the 1920's, that the photo was put in its current frame. My email address is

  4. Hi my Name is Sarah Munson maiden name Fortenbury I was wondering if you know any info on the Pacific North West Fortenbury's?

  5. My maiden name is Fortenbury. Do you know any info about the west coast branch of Fortenbury's?


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