Sunday, January 13, 2013

Family History Writing Challenge 2013

Grab your pencil & paper. Once again it is time to write your family story. Set your own goal and join the challenge.

As genealogists we spend hours on research: carefully sorting through information on the internet; hunched over microfilm readers reading faded records; and traveling many miles to visit out of the way archives. We photocopy, scan, sort and file our findings. We build a picture of our great grandparents’ lives. Isn't it time to share what we have learned? There’s always one more question to answer; one more missing piece in the story. We don’t need to know everything to start sharing.

The Family History Writing Challenge in February will help motivate and guide us all in the writing process. Connect with others. Ask questions on the forum. Learn tips about styles of writing.

I joined this fun group last year. I thought I’d write about my mother’s family but switched to my paternal grandmother’s family. I did not finish the story in February but it was a start. By the end of the year I took my story, ‘The MarkFamily Story’, to a local self-publisher and by Christmas I had a beautiful book to give to my family.

Go to the Family History Writing Challenge & learn more.


  1. Colleen-
    Oh, how I admire you for committing to this. This will be the second year that I have told myself - next year I will do this. Hopefully, I really will do it next year.


    1. Margel, one of the nice things about this you can set your own goals; a certain amount of words or amount of time for writing per day. Sometimes fewer words but better quality finish piece is better.

  2. I failed miserably at this challenge and can't make myself try again. Good for you for signing up.

    I've nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Come and get it!


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