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Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors - B

Take a moment to look over these surnames. I post them in hopes of discovering new contacts to expand my knowledge of these names. Some of these surnames are more twigs than branches on my tree. It is time to let them out to get some sunshine & some attention.

I probably have more ‘B’ surnames than any other letter, so relax, sit back & scroll down.

B is for these Surnames…

This surname comes from my husband’s family. His grand aunt was Mariana (Pascale) Bagnato, b 1887. Her parents were from Italy. She married Joseph Bagnato.
I have an assortment of Ball cousins, mostly located in Louisiana and Texas. James Alton Ball, b 1902 in LA, married my great grand aunt, Mildred Olga Brown, b 1904 in MS.They had 10 children. Jesse Ball [b 1808], married my 2nd great grand aunt, Cynthia Ann Alford. Anice Ball [1843 – 1912] married my 2nd great grand uncle, Seaborn S Alford, MD.

          Robert E Ballard, b 1891 in Indiana, married my grand aunt Vera Victoria Mark, b  1905 in Ohio.

Pennsylvania is the location for this surname. Jacob Balliet married Barbara Ritter, b 1761 in PA. They had three children.
George Bennett married Mary Alice Alford [b 1920 in LA] my 1st cousin once removed. They had four children.
Robert M Beriswell [1932 OH - 1986 in OH] married Francis Edith Brophy [b 1941 in Ohio]. Their four children were born in Ohio.
Two different Berryhill families: Mark Anthony Berryhill married Nancy Jane Alford, b 1845 in LA. Addie L Berryhill married William J Ellzey.
          Samuel A. Balckwell [1828 – 1910] married Violette Jane Fortenberry [1835 – 1857].
The Blades in my family come from Louisiana & Mississippi. The long list of cousins reach back to Benjamin Blades who married Hollander Elizabeth Morris, b 1829 in MS & d 1868 in LA.
Amelius Boergeon, b 1846 in Germany, married Caroline Gruissy, b 1844 in Ohio. Their three children were born in Ohio.
Smith Sebastion Boney [b 1841 in Ohio] married Matilda Jane Ritter [b 1866 in Ohio - d 1914]. Three children b in Ohio.
This is an Ohio family. Myron A Boreman, b 1893 in Ohio, married Elva Gale Mark [b 1894 OH - d 1959 in OH]. Four children.
Brady is one of my major surnames. They came from County Cavan, Ireland. Thomas Brady, d 1914, married Catherine Gibney [b c 1818 - d 1873 in Ireland]. They had 9 children. Some stayed in Ireland. Others came to New Jersey & Connecticut.
This name comes from my husband’s family and reaches to Italy. Carmen Brigandi, b c 1881 in Sicily, married Angela Valenti, b c 1876 in Sicily & d c 1934 in New York.Six children, born in Sicily & New York.
This surname comes from the south. Samuel Ruffus Brock [1914 – 1989] married Iris Elizabeth Pierce. They were born & married in Mississippi. William F Brock married Cynthia E Alford, b c 1851 in Louisiana.
I can trace this surname to Ohio and William Clarence Brophy, b 1888. He married Frances Gertrude Moore, b 1888. They and their 3 children were b in Ohio.
Brown is my maiden name. I have many, many Browns in my records. At this time I can trace back to Edward Brown [b c 1730 - d c 1797] in North Carolina. The family moved, over the years, to Mississippi & Louisiana. My paternal grandfather moved from MS to Ohio and later to New York State.
This is another large limb on my family tree. For me, this family moved from Virginia to Louisiana to Mississippi.John Brumfield [b c 1768 - d 1834 in LA] married Margaret Kelly b 1772 in NC. Their son, Nathaniel Brumfield b 1813 in LA, married Charlotte Temple Ott, 1815 – 1895. Their son, Jessie Alexander Brumfield, b 1838, married Martha Elizabeth Alford, b 1846. The names expand from these men.
My third great grandmother is Elizabeth (Burkholder) Wolf, [b 1814 PA - d 1856  Ohio]. I believe her father was Abraham Burkholder. I would love to learn more about this surname.


  1. Colleen

    When you run out of primary lines and get to those "BROCK", let me know. I have spent a long times gathering info on them. This particular line goes back to a German/Swiss named Johan Valentine Brack/Brach/Brock.

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