Saturday, January 5, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors - A

In 2010 I wrote bimonthly posts highlighting birthdays of my ancestors/relatives. In 2011 I wrote bimonthly posts of my ancestors’ anniversaries. This year I have decided to attempt Alphabetical Ancestors [Technically they are not all ancestors. They are relatives but I like the alliteration.]
Take a moment to look over these surnames. I post them in hopes of discovering new contacts to expand my knowledge of these names. Some of these surnames are more twigs than branches on my tree. It is time to let them out to get some sunshine & some attention.

A is for these Surnames…

I have a very long list of Alford connections. My Alford family can be found in Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina & Virginia. The earliest Alford I have uncovered was John Alford c 1645 in Virginia. Edwin Barksdale Alford [1792 NC - 1878 MS] was my third great grandfather.

I have several Amacker relatives, related to me through Thelma Corine (Wilson) Amacker [born 1912]. She married George Amacker [b 1908]. They had five children. I have no locations for this family.

Mary Elizabeth Tina (Wolf) Arbuckle [1891 – 1956] is my link to this family. I have no locations for this family. She married Jesse Lee Arbuckle and they had four children.
Catherine (Wolf) Arnold [1858 – 1918], my second cousin 4x removed, is my link to the Arnolds. She and her husband, Henry Leibe Arnold, had twelve children: A. Gertrude, Henry Chesterfield, Robert L., Lillie May, Jacob Raymond, Charles Edwin, Mary Catherine, Philip J., Morgan Eugene, Vera Pauline, Samuel James and Helen Irene. They lived in Pennsylvania.

Thomas Ashley, Junior was my 7th great grandfather. He was born c 1710 and died 1790 in Bertie, North Carolina. He & Ann Hicks had three children that I know about.



  1. Colleen,

    I love the your theme of highlighting Anniversaries last year and Surnames this year.


  2. Thanks Charlie. Just trying to find new ways to get my family ways out there & many find new connections.

  3. This is a great idea! I may have to borrow it. ;)


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